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Now comes with 90% more fondue!


Howzit goin everyone? Well the time you all have been waiting for (or maybe not) has arrived! The first character design contest for the u.m.p.! Letâ?s get right down to it then shall we? The rules are as followsâ?¦

1. There is only to be 1 submission per person, per character. The drawing must be submitted in character layout form noting key character features such as clothing styles, colors, weapons, etc. unless stated to you directly otherwise. The drawings should only be drawn in pen, pencil, or any other monochromatic media. No color for your official submission please.

2. Design your character accordingly. The setting is a magical, monsters and gods kind of place so there aren't going to be giant robots and tanks and guns etc. in it so take that into account when designing.

3. If you have additional character schematic points that don't fit into your single submission DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER SUBMISSION! just put it in the group email or email it directly to buggydude, anjhurin, or spikespiegel.

4. Characters up for submission at this time are Rain and Summer

5. For now submissions will only be taken from those who are members of either the u.m.p. the d.s.c. or the doujin-arena groups. If further submissions are necessary then it will be opened to all M.T. members

6. The deadline for the first 2 characters is April 1st after which voting will commence (rules on voting will be given when the time comes) late submissions may be taken into consideration.

7. Prize for winning? Your character will be used in the ump's manga and you will be recognized as the creator of that character. NOTE that your character will be subject to change even though it may win and by submitting you understand that you are relinquishing your character's design for us to use in this project, BUT if you wanna have an active role in your characters final product then join up in the ump if you aren't already!

8. You have to submit the drawings in MT (doujinshi section), and send the link to one of the following members : Buggydude, Spikespiegel or Anjhurin, along with the name of drawn character, so that we can keep a track on things.

9. Please be kind enough to advertise for the club / contest in the drawing description ^_^

10. Drawings will be displayed in a thread where you can also send the links of your submissions. Said thread will be used for contest purpose only, and will be updated on a constant basis. It might also become a voting thread after the end of submissions.

Any questions please contact me. Thank you and good luck to you all! ^_^

Renegade Nuns on Wheels

  • Mar 04, 2006




ARIA sanchou


Okay buggy i think i will make a thread in the art lounge, to get more members submissions :) ... i will include these rules, plus the characters description so far, and maybe the basic manga storyline. As well, i'll add links to each of us, plus the DSC - D-A - UMP and the drawings that have been made already by julian :)

I think we should extend the deadline to mid april, otherwise it's a bit short ;) . Also, having more characters migth be a good idea ne ?

  • Mar 05, 2006

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