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anyone read latest chapter of one piece yet? i read it last nite and the ending kinda shocked me..

SPOILER (for those who havent read)

luffy used his 'GEAR 3', which he hadnt had the chance when fighting blueno.. and.. he break the door to the gate of justice.. but he turn into a chibi...

it made me laugh my heart out.. :D while still confused..
he looks like a little kid..

i cant think what happen when he use the gear 3..
can anyone guess what happen? but it still funny tho..

my theory is that since he's rubber and he used a lot of strength with the gear 3..
the chibi form is like to replenish his energy..
like how bleach shinigami use gigai..
the gear 2 makes him moves faster and his legs kinda looks like bellamy's

but the chibi is so cute that it makes me laugh~~
aaahhh~~ and i'm still laughing.. :D XD



KaKashi sama


He gets faster and faster it only lasts for 1 minute and then he will turn to the chibi for 1 minute before he can use gear 3 thats kinda funny

  • Sep 05, 2006





man no sabria como explicartelo

hello to all that they pass it well

  • Sep 23, 2006

He pumps air into his bones, thereby increasing his mass so as to enhance the force ofhis blows. Speed is only enhanced slightly, or not at all.

  • Sep 23, 2006

he blows air into his arm increasing his arm dramsticlly and he can move that air around his body

  • Apr 03, 2008

old news, but it's cool :D

merged: 01-26-2009 ~ 10:56pm
I just saw ep 381 =)

  • Jan 26, 2009

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