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we are fighting dreamers


Hi all, I'm Kidder, your neighbourhood friendly Mod. I'm not much good at html so I'll let fluke take care of most of that.

I'll be keeping track of the Nanashi releases of both the Eureka 7 anime and manga. Those of you that follow Nanashi fansubs know that their releases are quite infrequent (but of the highest quality), so it's hard to predict when they'll release a new episode or volume. I'll try to keep you guys up to date on releases with maybe a short plot outline for new episodes if you don't mind spoliers ^_^.

The airing of Eureka 7 in Japan has reached episode 47 (!) with episode 48 being aired on the 26th of March. The most recent Nanashi fansub release was episode 32 on the 16th of March. I expect episode 33 to be released sometime next week.

Anyways I hope our group and Eureka 7 become more popular in MT and don't forget to let us know if you have any Eureka 7 related art, scans or news.


a big thank you to k1ru for the sweet siggy.

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