Noein - Your thoughts so far? *Possible Spoilers*

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I've been following Noein since it first aired sometime in October and I've got to say it's still one of the animes that I'm looking forward to watching every week. However lately, the last few episodes have been getting much more enjoyable.

**Spoiler Warning**
In the last episode (18 is the most recent episode subbed) the plot developed further than just the retrival of the dragon torque for la'cryima. Now with Uchida being informed of the "future" and what exactly is going on, it will be interesting to see if she is able to get in contact with Haruka's dad to try and stop the distortion of the timespace. Not only that but Shangri'la raiders appeared and everyone was able to see it with their own eyes, which apparently had enough of an effect for Noein to say what he said when Haruka caused the raiders to vanish. I'm very anxious to see what exactly will be the effect on the population after seeing the Shangri'la. Another thing I love is the mystery behind the Dragon torque. Everytime the dragon torque materializes, something interesting happens (ie. In latest episode), but still to this point, the real potential of the Dragon Torque is unknown. Although through the episodes we were able to see the power of the Dragon Torque grow, I still wonder as to what exactly Shangri'La would use it for. Aside from Haruka and the Dragon Torque a little light has been shed on Karasu and Yuu's "relationship". I'd like to see how that develops later on since so far Yuu has been a pretty useless character.
**Spoiler End**

The concept behind Noein is awesome. I've always been intrigued with stories about travelling through time and all that, but Noein isn't just about going back through time, it's got parallel universes too! :D

There is one thing that I'm still really curious about, and it's that old guy that keeps popping up talking to Haruka when time freezes. I really want to know who he is! XD Anyways, for those of you following the show what do you think about it so far?

  • Mar 23, 2006

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