When your cousin is the best daughter for your mom.

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I have this little cousin, her name is Nicole.

She's a beautiful and kind 12-years-old girl.
She's the tipic good student girl who always does her homework, pay attention to class and get an A+ in her lessons and classwork.
At this point it doesnt seem to be any problem but! she's just to smart for her age.

Nicole goes to school everyday, after that she gets extra classes of cooking, play several musical instruments, goes to camps, take care of her brothers and help her mom at home.
But the most important thing, she's a writer. And she's so good at it than even her school published a book of her poetry and stories; a link at the school's webpage dedicated just to her.

Her mother is so proud of her, her (father's) family is so proud of her, my family is so proud of her but, most of all, my mother is extremely proud of her.

I met Nicole at the age of 8, when I traveled to USA for the very first time, and she was barely 2 years old.
The timepast and i never traveled to her country again, even so we have a good friendship and try to keep in touch. She's so sweet! Everytime she talks to my mom or someone else, she always ask for me and when her mother (my good aunt Lourdes) sends mails, she always send something for me.
She's a sweetheart and most of the people say that we are alike.
We have a good relationship, and I most admit she's good...no,...she's great. Even though, it sucks.
I know, I'm so selfish! that's not new but believe me, it hurts to listen to your mother talking about her niece as if she was her own daughter. Telling eveyone how brilliant and gorgeous she is. That they are so alike and that she's so PROUD of her...

My mother is a writer, one of the best of my country, no exaggeration.
I always thought I inherited that from my mom, coz i have written stories and all for several years, and I always wanted my mother to know that there's something that I share with her, but I have realized that I have never been good enough.

I dont hate my cousin, it's impossible to hate her, but it's hard to love her too.

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