When Do you consider yourself a year older

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When do you consider yourself a year older like if your 17 when do you say your 18 the day of your birthday the day after within a few monthes when?

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I stopped counting really once I turned seventeen...I'm twenty-four now and have a really hard time remembering that yeah I know I'm such a freak and I also have trouble remembering what year I was born. The main thing with me that though I am twenty...ah...four did I say I often times feel like I'm nearing forty or even fifty you know feeling older than I know I am but then I'm probably the only one that feels that way. Go on throw your rocks at the freak I'm use to it lol.

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you are so funny jeno.
i'm gonna be 19 this year..
my teen life about to end. next year i'm gonna be 20..

Jeno, don't worry, I'm even worse! I remember which year I was born, but I sometimes forget which year it is right now!
And by the way, first time I really felt older was when people started calling me 'sir' all the time.
Sometimes I start saying "when I was younger, in the alst century..." Btw, I'm twenty-seven. Unless I messed up with the calendar...

Jeno,don't worry,buecause there are some things that I don't remember at times. I have to make notes for me to remember things and I am only 27 years old now.

My your light and dark Ka form the perfect BA.




Nani mono ka? Namae nanka...

I never considered my self as one year older....
Why should i do this?
....................................(...) What are you guys talking about? Jeno omg why u believe u are a freak ...
You are mean to yourself.... Be cool be hapier age doesn't matter at all!

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