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we are fighting dreamers


Hurray for Nanashi! Ep 34 is now out! Unfortunately it's 4:45am and I need to get some sleep T_T so I'll watch it tomorrow.


Finally finished my courseworks (for now...), time for synopsis ^^


ep 33 ended with the emergence and capture of the Vodarek High Priest Norbu in the Capital. This episode is mostly a flash-back episode about Holland's first encounter with Norbu at the battle of del Cielo (a Vodarek city). There's a fair bit of useful information from this episode:

-the High Council of Sages (basically the rulers of the planet) aren't pleased with Dewey's recent actions and are considering taking away his command.

-Dewey meets with Norbu and takes him away without the knowledge of the Sages.

-Holland talks to Eureka and Renton about his and Eureka's past in the SOF under the command of Dewey.

-Holland describes the battle of del Cielo where the SOF's mission was to destroy the Vodarek opposition and capture Norbu.

-Holland battles against Norbu but is defeated by Norbu's super-human powers (that's right
:o super-human) btw the Vodarek worship the Coralians (not sure if it was mentioned in previous episodes)

-Norbu tells Holland about Eureka's Coralian origin and that the planet can be saved if she finds a human partner who can make her truly smile (cheeeeesy :hmpf: ... but I like X-P).

-they mention something about breaking through the "Great Wall"... I'm not sure what that is...

- Talho is pregnant with Holland's baby! XD

The episode finishes with Gekkostate deciding to go rescue Norbu from the Capital. Gekkostate Banzai!

a big thank you to k1ru for the sweet siggy.

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What once was good enough...


Well, it's 4:10am where I'm at...and I'm gonna watch it now...cause I can't get to sleep, hehe.

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