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Most of you will have heard about the 2nd season of School Rumble, I'm really looking foward to it ^^

However, there are some more new High school comedies that everyone should check out.

Ouran High School Host Club

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Synopsis: Haruhi is a poor girl in a rich kids' school. She only got to go there because of a scholarship. She happens upon the Host Club when she is looking for a place to study quietly. After getting there, she breaks an $80,000 vase. After which, she is forced to work at the club to pay off the debt. The only problem is that the members don't realize she's a girl.... from Animenewsnetwork

I just watched the first episode of this. Very nice animation (as expected from BONES, the producers of Eureka 7) and very funny. The characters are great and the story looks promising.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Synopsis: not really sure... but since it's slice of life, I'm guessing it's fairly non-sequitor (no real plot line)

The first episode of this anime is very....ummm let's say "original" (I don't wanna spoil the episode ^^). Characters look very cute (animated by Kyoto Animation - so the characters look similar to the ones from Air) and hilarious first ep. Word of advice... don't let the opening sequence throw you off ;) there's a reason why it's like that.

Joshi Kousei: High School Girls

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Synopsis: Eriko Takahashi ending her midschool life always dreamt of a perfect high school life in a girls high school as a pretty, clean, rule abiding, with dignity unlike a school with boys where they are dirty, tight, smelly, contaminated and even if "your thing" (XD so cuutee~~) is showing there won't be a problem. However reality is cruel... as she found out that girls are even lower than guys.

Furthermore, she pretented to be a sempai and told 3 new students who are actually in the same year as her, fantastical lies about life as a highschool student. Turns out, during the opening ceremony that those 3 students are now her classmates. Looks like her perfect highschool life isn't starting off as what she was hoping for. Synopsis from sk1des on forum

Thanks to someweirdguy for reminding me about this show. I've only seen the promo as well and it looks very promising. There's copious amounts of fanservice and it looks at the grosser and nastier side of girls that us guys rarely get to see XD.

Anyways I recommend all these new shows to everyone who enjoyed School Rumble.

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There's also another one that I'm looking forward to: Joshikousei

I saw the promo that was subbed, and looked like it will be funny. And it's full of ecchi too, so ecchi lovers, rejoice!

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