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I've just finish watching the series and there's some things I don't get.

-Why did Aya's Cousin (sorry forgot his name) experiment with the celestial beings?

-Where did the celestial beings come from?

-Why did some of the celestial beings die after a while?

-What was the "C-project" about in detail?

-Why did they want to restore the celestial robe?

And if anyone could please give an overview of the entire series that would be nice cause it might help me understand this series better. Thanks!

  • Apr 15, 2006

You're referring to "Ayashi no Ceres" right? I watched the series a long time ago so i've forgotten much about it
:sweat: ... so i'm just going to write what i think i remember in order of the questions u've posted...btw, i'm not 100% sure if i'm right about the following :-

-I think Aya's cousin just wants to gain power, i think thats the reason why he's doing the research... celestial beings are i think angels in a way, thus they possess her cousin wants to harness it.

-Celestials come from the Heaven

-They die if they are separated from their Robes, i think it has some special power that would keep the Celestials alive in the real world.

- I don't remember what C-project is, but i think it is the name of the research on the Celestials.

- Since the Celestial robe possess power, they want to gain its power i think....

Well that's that, i'm sorry i couldn't give further details, i hope it helps! X-P

  • Apr 15, 2006

Thanks some of your answers were helpful!

  • Apr 15, 2006

- aya's cousin, kagami, wants to experiment with the tennyo because he wants to erase the human race. he's always wanted a perfect world. it has something to do with his mom.
- manna to tennyo, tennyo to mana.. even the tennyo themselves don't know which came first.
- they died because tennyo can't survive long after they are separated from their manna's.
- the c-project was about creating the perfect world. matching the tennyo with qualified males. kagami's affiliates, however, only want the tennyo's powers to gain control over the world. T_T
- they wanted to see what a complete manna would look like and what it could do when combined with the tennyo.


  • Jul 07, 2007


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