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I recently started listening to podcasts in my spare time. For those of you who don't know what podcasts are, they are basically internet talk-shows that are pre-recorded and hosted on the web. In general podcasts are recorded as mp3 files that can be downloaded to your harddrive and played on a media player at your own convenience. There are podcasts for pretty much every hobby and interest.

At the moment, I listen to Alpha-Rant, Gaming Steve and Mysterious Universe.

Alpha-Rant: Is a rant podcast made by two guys who are also the artists for the webcomic Alpha Shade. I've been listening to these guys for a while because they come up with some really hilarious stuff in their rants and sometimes they'll review a game or movie.

Gaming Steve: I just started listening to this podcast. Gaming Steve is apparently a well established member of the gaming industry and gets to test most new games before they're released. Each episode, he goes through the latest gaming news and then he will usually review a new game, review an old game and answer some email. Sometimes he interviews game developers involved in big projects like the recent Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion). The great thing about this podcast is that it's very professionally done and so the information is reliable and NOT delivered by a raving 13 yr old gamer with a mouth so dirty even his mother wouldn't kiss it ^^

Mysterious Universe: I've only listened to part of an episode for this podcast. This show mainly deals with paranormal and unusual occurences (like UFO's and ghosts). This podcast is also proffessionally produced and features an Australian presenter XD Don't worry, it's not Croc Hunter with a lust for the paranormal ^^ The podcast delves into some very interesting topics and even provides article links on the podcast homepage. There also included several songs into the podcast to make it seem more like a radio broadcast.

Anyways...I was wondering if anyone else listens to podcasts and which ones are your favourites?

I'd like to start my own podcast for anime, but first I'd like to listen to an Anime podcast. I tried listening to podcasts on but it said I had to download a podcast aggregator (?) to access the podcast feed... Can anyone recommend a good free podcast aggregator?

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