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Celebrating SoulSociety-Shinigami group anniversary, staffs of the group: KamikazeKoga, myself and uchiha-vegeta invites all SoulSociety-Shinigami members, Bleach lovers and the rest of minitokyo members to participate in our group userpage contest.

The basic rules are as follows:

1. Group userpage content:

1.1. Background picture (with shinigamis & friend of course)
1.2. Background color
1.4. Layout:
1.4.1. Shinigami informations (the ones you put up already)
1.4.2. Group announcement
1.4.3. Group gallery
1.4.4. Information on Bleach anime/manga (music, reviews,
synopsys,quizes, games, fanfics (?) etc)
1.5. Icon button for the group-userpage's control panel

All of those should comply to Minitokyo userpage guidelines. For the beginner, you can find some help in userpage tutorial by exentric or userpage tutorial by belmirky

2. Complete set of style:
The userpage should have uniformity in style the style preference is up to the participant (as long as it elaborate shinigami), but please note that Ecchi or adult material is strictly prohibited.

3. Participants:
The contest will welcome all Minitokyo members. Extra credit will be given for group members.

4. Timeline:
The contest will begin starting May 10, 2006 to June 10, 2006.

5. Submission:
Please send all submission by replying to this thread

6. Winner:
Winner is chosen by viewer's choice. All minitokyo member can participate in voting for your favorite Shinigami userpage by mentioning your favorite userpage and who submit it also by replying to this thread. However, you can only vote for one participant. If you change your mind later on, you can always edit your post. Multiple voting will result in cancellation of your vote.

7. Award:
The winner of this contest will have the priviledge of Soulsociety-Shinigami Moderatorship in charge of group userpage and 6 free Minitokyo downloads

8. Question:
Question about this contest can be directed to the staffs.

Let the quest begins ^__^

  • May 10, 2006


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Double of SoulSociety-Shinigami Group Userpage Contest

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