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Aryam... Waiting in the Darkness


To all the members of Anime-Boys, please you must present in the site of the group because we have two news:

1.- NEW MEMBERS OF THE STAFF: Selimangagirl and zenky are the two new group administrators.

2.- PURIFICATION AND/OR UPDATE OF MEMBERS: the group is having a low participation, so we do not know if someone does not want a group member.For this reason, who will not present in the group in three weeks, she or he will stop to be a member of Anime-Boys.

With this, we want to relive the group, because it has not had any activity in the last month.
** If you don't write anything in the group and you don't participe, we supose that you don't want to be a member. **

Thank you for to be members of Anime-Boys.


Se les convoca a todos los miembros del grupo, que se reporten al sitio, para informarles lo siguiente:

1.- NUEVOS MIEMBROS DE STAFF:Se Presenta a selimangagirl y zenky como nuevos "miembros administradores"

2.- DEPURACION Y/O ACTUALIZACION DE MIEMBROS: ya que por falta de participacion en el grupo no sabemos quienes quieren seguir siendo parte del mismo o si siguen siendo miembros activos; asi que quienes no se reporten en menos de 3 semanas dejaran de ser miembros automaticamente.

Con esto esperamos revivir al grupo, que de alguna manera, a quedado fuera de actividad.
** Si tu no escribes nada en el grupo y no participas, nosotros suponemos que no quieres ser un miembro. **

Gracias por ser parte de Anime-Boys.






Where is everyone...? Well, I was just wondering if anyone knows a mangaka named Sumomo Yumeka..cuz I like her stuff..o.o;

If you aren't remembered, then you never existed.




bueno hace teimpo que no me met

My english isn't the best n_nU

~~Member of~~


I'm sorry It's been awhile I haven't been on
but I'm now I'm here :]

  • Jul 16, 2007

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