Do you have a simple idea about the origin of Kawaii"ness?

What is the cradle of Kawaii"ness?

Economic struggle in order to fight the almighty Hollywood
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The cult of beauty in Japan existing since days of yore
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Imitation of westerners'( Caucasian) complexion(body)
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Through your peregrination in Manga , Anime or Nippon stuff, dipping thereby in cotemporaneous japanese culture of kawaii, have you never seen what could be the ultimate or partial sources of their special style of drawing or imitation(for instance,this one ^_^' )?
Here is a thread destinated to people having an interesting and pertinent theory .

Ergo, OTAKU of all kind , cerebrate, cogitate and bring forth pretty theories.

See you
Empixus Xast.

N.B. I create another thread resembling to my last. This time I hope you'll don't take offense concerning, for instance, the poll statements, I'm just trying to undecipher the mystery of the cult of beauty in Japan: Kawaii"ness.



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First off check this link.

Although the article focuses more on the modern concept and usages of the kawaii factor, I'm certain that something so generally used, accepted or adored couldn't have been developed overnight.

In most Western contexts guys would be embarrased and even humiliated when confronted with something really cute. When I started watching anime, I too was uncomfortable with kawaii appearancess... but as I was bombared with the frequency of its appearances I couldn't hold the fort much longer and had to succumb to the ultra knee breaking cuteness known as kawaii~~~uchooo~~



I must admit that I don't know enough of the cultural history of Japan, so my guess wouldn't carry a lot of weight. I only call it they way I see 'em, and I' sure that something this deep (or broad rooted) in Japan had to have been developed over years.

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From what I've read, Japan never really had an animation culture until after WWII when the Americans shipped Warner Bros. and Disney cartoons over by the boatload in an attempt to "Americanize" the population. This encouraged the Japanese to start making their own cartoons using a similar art style of big eyes which was modifed and used more for showing emotions better. You'll notice how Japanese art tends to have more detail in the eye area as opposed to just a black dot on a white background.

In nature, we think baby animals are cute because their eyes are disproportionatally (is that even a word?) large to their body size. And so, cartoon characters with large, detailed eyes (among other "attractive" features) are cute.

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  • Jun 04, 2006

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