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Pastaaaa <3


Everybody listen up!

New Moderator News:

Wings-Lovers has a new moderator! Everbody let's congratulate Rikkablurhound! She'll be designing the page! Wait for the new Wings-Lovers page! *applause*

Doujin Contest News:

There are few participants in the contest, bet they haven't yet passed their work. If you wish to enter. State the url here or send it via PM to the leaders of the group. Please we encourage you to participate! :D It could be colored or non-colored. CG'ed or plain. As long as it has the theme of wings!

Contestants: 5

1.) Calling Out To Heaven by gel-chan
2.) Theres Something Behind me* by Rikkablurhound
3.) ~~! Angel of Death? !~~ by Akarix
4.) angel by glitter-girl
5.) Our Strange Duet by animanga

Contest ends at June 10 and winners will be announced June 12

Page Content News:

The page will look like the theme of the sunset sky... Red and Orange or even Pink. And the pic is .: Angel of Falling Stars :. by lunaregina... Wait for it!

Affiliates News:

We have 6 official friend groups! They'll be our affiliates! They're Free--Wallers, Neko-Club, Petzilla, LovingAyashi-No-Ceres, Ice-and-Snow & GundamSeed-Angels ! Feel free to join their groups!

That's all! Have a nice day! :)

Gel~ XD

"My last sig quote was rather plain so I changed it to something cool like this."
Wings-Lovers Administrator, Doujinshi-Support-Club Contestant & The-Ultimate-Coordinator Moderator



Potato! :D


~~! Angel of death? !~~ by Akarix

well just will take part though for fun <_<

wooooo congrats rikka-san XD hope the group webpage would turn out nice XD XD



Lurking -3-


Congrats Rikka-san!

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