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Hey all this is going to be rather unexpected update, but I'm here to just mention that we have ONE FINAL theme before the W.A.R of 2006 starts.

Theme 10: No limits

No limits in tools, as a theme in the wallpaper or whatever you think.
This is a 'practise' for the W.A.R

W.A.R 2006

What is W.A.R?

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity to be one of 6 specially selected groups to participate in this challenging event. We even won the collaboration round and scraped some other awards so we really kicked ass- yeah!

THIS year it's not a group based event; instead they are recruiting INDIVIDUALS and from those individuals there'll be groups formed. So you might end up with someone you've never met before etc etc.

Last year we didn't get the chance to give EVERYONE a chance to go at W.A.R and settled on the 6 who were interested in entering the competition. Since the spaces were also limited last year, many UAers missed out.

This year it's your turn to join in on the challenge. I know that many of you wanted a chance to participate in this rather prestigious event and go head to head with some of Minitokyo's best artists: it's not for the faint hearted, and any participation requires great bravery.

To enter the competition

Head over to

Follow the simple instructions:

-post in the gbook what category you would like to be in
-apply for the group.

Other info

This competition is not run by UA of course: it's run by flyindreams.
Your entries will be scored by a panel of mystery judges like last time I presume, and as a hint of advice: enter it; because if you don't you might regret it.

From personal experience, I was VERY glad I entered the competition last year, despite being a complete nOOb etc.

The competition runs from the END OF JUNE and consists of 3 rounds.
If you can't make wallpapers, you can join the DOUJINSHI section.
Or even join the GROUP/COLLAB wallpaper section.

Remember, all artists of all levels of skill are invited to join: this announcement is simple here to inform you that you have a chance to see what you're really made of ;)

Hope to see some of you guys at W.A.R! And your Theme 10 entries lol!
We'll cheer you on :)

- UA

PS: I would also like to remind those people who have been very very inactive to the point that ever since they've joined they've made zero contributions competition wise or post wise, that we've implanted this criteria of being ACTIVE in the group. One year of inactivity and you'll be permanently aspired. You'll get this same notice next year in March. It's not that hard to vote for wallpapers in a while or just answer some simple questions in the guestbook. Thank you and hope to see some of you bounce back up from the dead :)

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