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Hey everyone.

Next year will be my last year in highschool (tear).....and i was hoping some ppl can help me out here. I'm pretty sure i want to head towards Graphic Designing field and stuff........or i think. Anyone have any idea which of the fields would be closely related to the work i photoshop and stuff.





Ghostly Stalker


You might want to be more specific with the photoshop part because you could say "Multimedia" in place of the stuff.

Multimedia Design

Sorry, no luck with it. You might want to look at a local university/college for something to do with graphic designing then look at related stuff

  • Jun 16, 2006

AHHH! My field is definatelly not the same as yors but i think u should choose the one that interest u the most or follow the crowd.

  • Jan 31, 2007

I am in college now but i still want to explore other colleges as well. I am planning to go on a Study Abroad Program to England for schooling. It will last a year if i can get in but its pretty competitive and my friend is planning to go do it too. This is also the bad part sicne my friend is aiming for the same school as me and hes much smarter and brighter then me.

  • Feb 10, 2007

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