My wallpapers that keep getting scrapped, LOL

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Man.... :sweat: I know I'm just a noob and all but I didn't think they were too rancid, LOL. Please leave comments so that I can get better and learn new tricks

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Yo! I'll try to answer as best as possible. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you read the Support section's Minitokyo Policy on gallery submissions (the support link is in the top menu link bar on the far right)~ so that might give you a better idea of things :)

First wallpaper

- not very modified sotck photo
- graffiti needs perspective

I'm assuming you used a vector for this :P this one isn't bad... but the background is too unmodified. That doesn't mean you run out and apply more filter effects to it though... because that doesn't improve the quality of anything.

Second wallpaper

Just straight forwardly how this doesn't fit in with the policy:

- No background (character does not fit in/ automatically assume not much thought was put into it) --> low effort
(yeah I know it sounds bad, but that's how it's deducted >_>)
- Filtered background... and only filters (filterwhore bgs will be deleted acc. to Policy)
- Extraction needs improvement, as there are pixels and bits attached to the chara (Policy reqs. decent/ clean extraction)

To improve this, I guess you'll probably have to reconside the background design and the quality of extraction. That scan is pretty hard to wall, actually, because I think of a chibi building or school or something... and that's hard x_x
Or alternatively, you can improve the background by incorporating more colours from the scan, using brushes (download them from the net- they are really handy) and improve the extraction. I think with the right colours and everything, it should be fine. The text at the top cramps it up a bit, and could probably be covering his feet instead to cover that gradient effect you put on. :)

PS: With extraction problems, search up PENTOOL or extraction tutorials.
And don't use outerglow or stroke or anything like that to "smooth" it out/ hide the pixels- and don't try blurring edges either lol- these are all give aways to extracting difficulties ;)

Third wallpaper

- extraction (pixels attached)
- filters (lighting effect and background)

This isn't a bad wallpaper actually, but it's kind of difficult because the scans are so big in this wallpaper it almost seems like it was a bunch of scans put together to fill up space. The font could be improved or just even removed lol. The whole wallpaper is filled anyway :)
The colours in this are good... but I think the lighting effect probably killed off most of the quality in the scan.
You could try brushes over the scans and then playing with the blending modes and opacity (colour burn etc and 0-100%)- you can even use other colours apart from the green and brown. That could make things a bit interesting :)

Overall: your wallpapers aren't bad, like the first one... but I can't seem to find any suggestions for it x_x I guess if you play around with brushes and textures that can give you a bit of flexibility when you make a wallpaper.

Another tip is to simply post up your work in progress in the sandbox in the future before you submit it to the gallery :)

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hmm.. all i could say that the last two images aren't beautifully extracted. i still see some bits and pieces that you tried to hide.

i agree that the first wallpaper's bg would be better if it was a vectorized bg. to add spice and to make the image equal with the scenery.

the second wallpaper has a very simple bg, try to make it more unique that it fits the character you inserted with it.

the third wallpaper.. has such a plain bg. the brushes you used were nice, but its still somehow too plain. now i don't care why you used it because i firmly believe its your art and i have nothing to do with what you want it to be but to make it somehow.. more.. life looking. that's all. :)

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