Destiny is worse than SEED?

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I don't like Destiny's story. I have to admit I watched this anime because I want to see my beloved AsuKaga but then Fukuda dissapointed me. I give my reason why I dislike this anime.

Main reason, it ruined Cagalli's and Athrun's character and their relationship somehow seen as they break up (I'm an AsuKaga lover) also the story was really damn bad.

Why Minerva always on top priority? I mean, in SEED I knew that Archangel tried her best to escape from ZAFT's attack so she fight alone battle after battle until reach Alaska, but Minerva? When it fight with EAF and Orb, why there were no back up or reinforcement from ZAFT? Gilbert always ordered Minerva to move from battle to battle like there were no other ships. When Gilbert gave the order to destroy Archangel and Freedom, he asked Minerva to do the job when there's only Impulse that can move. Athrun's Saviour was totally torn to pieces also Rey's and Lunamaria's, how can Gilbert give such an order without repair those broken machine first?

Akatsuki, well I like this MS, really. In Destiny, Cagalli got this MS from her father that already made for her from long time ago as Erica said "the day that this door is opened may be the day when Orb is once again engulfed in flames". It makes me confuse. Why Muruta Azrael didn't sense this big MS? Orb was burnt down but how could Muruta didn't make a search team to find something that may be left behind? I mean, it'd better if Akatsuki was made for Cagalli but not as her father gift. Why Fukuda didn't make a story that Cagalli asked an MS for her, better one than Rouge and Erica made Akatsuki for her. Don't you agree, if Akatsuki was made a long time ago, when Orb finally self-destrucked why Muruta didn't do anything to search the area? All I want to complain that it's not why Muruta didn't find it but the plot in Destiny saying that Akatsuki made long time ago and as a gift for Cagalli from her father. That's really don't make any sense for me.

Who is Rey? In SEED, as the story flows, I saw Klueze drank that medicine and sometimes he felt the pain but Rey in Destiny never consume that pil and never felt any pain before. He did but near the end of the episode. Klueze in SEED tried to kill all humanity but why in Destiny he made Rey as his clone from long time ago? Isn't it as he tried to made the same mistake as Ariga Fllaga did. (Mwu's Dad, remenber Klueze was Mwu's father's clone). Klueze hate it right but why he made Rey? I didn't blame Klueze but I am confused by the time Rey was revealed as Klueze's clone, is it really true that Fukuda is such an idiot.

Shinn Asuka, angry and hate Cagalli, saying "Athha killed my family". Then he hate Orb because of it. Want to burn it down with his own hands just because of that? He lived in Orb like a normal family, smiling, laughing with his family ON ORB, how can he never remember the good part that Orb ever gave him?
He acted like spoiled brat. He did what he likes, give Stellar back to the enemy and the stupid thing is he believed in Neo (HIS ENEMY/EAF) that Stellar would never go to fight again. HE BELIEVED IN HIM, HECK he knew Neo was an enemy! And when Stellar piloted Destroyer, she burnt down 3 cities and killed so many innocent people but he hated Kira more just because he destroyed the Destroyer. He even tried to take revenge on Stellar's death. I would say that Stellar didn't die because Kira killed her, if Kira was the one who killed her, how can Stellar's body is perfectly fine? 2 hands and 2 legs?

Media. Why Gilbert always won all the media? It seems that media was on Gilbert's side. All I know is that media shall always in neutral position. Why the media always acted such as ZAFT's fans?
For example, how can only Gilbert who could tape the incident by Destroyer in 3 ZAFT's cities? I couldn't believe in such big incident, why there was no other camera that can record that incident? It seens to me that Gilbert's way was too smooth. Freedom, Murasames, Strike Rouge and Archangel were SO DAMN BIG, how can they were not in the media, recorded I mean. Then, when Meer came to interfere Cagalli's speech, she said "why Orb want to protect someone like Djibril?". WHY CAGALLI DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO FIGHT BACK? Gilbert have said before for defending Genesis's fire in SEED, he said it's natural for ZAFT to fight back when PLANT was being attacked. Duh, why Cagalli couldn't say "IT'S NATURAL FOR ORB SOLDIER TO FIGHT BACK WHEN ZAFT ATTACKED ORB LIKE THAT ONLY TO CAPTURE DJIBRIL"?
Lacus's speech even didn't have any effect to fight back Gilbert (as I said before, Gilbert's way was too smooth).

Cagalli was so damn weak in Destiny. She could do anything she want in SEED, I like Cagalli this way. When Kira kidnapped her and she stayed in Archangel all the time without doing anything for Orb. Another Fukuda's idiot plot to ruin Cagalli's character. I think Fukuda likes Athrun but he hates Cagalli, that's why he wanted to ruin their relationship. Why Fukuda didn't make story like for Cagalli similar with Lacus when she tried to collect people who can support her action? There are so many people who will support her ideals, why she didn't try to collect them secretly? I don't want to blame only on Cagalli did because Kira also made mistakes. As her brother, why Kira never even helped Cagalli rules Orb? If they can work together I am sure that Jona wouldn't have power like that. No blame to Kira or Cagalli, I only want to blame in one person, FUKUDA!

Djibril? Who is this person? Logos's leader? Yeah, Logos is also Blue Cosmos' mother, right? I prefer Muruta to Djibril. Muruta as Blue Cosmos's leader at least wasn't a coward and he also a smart person, unlike Djibril. Djibril was always sit in his dark room, watching news, and when danger came he just run away. He just acted as tool to Gilbert's advantageous, yeah such a loser. I wonder why he can become a Leader for such a huge organization?
He didn't make a new Gundam or Warship unlike Muruta who built Calamity, Forbidden, Raider and Dominion.

Oh, I must admit, three things as a plus for Destiny to me.
One, Akatsuki-Infinite Justice-Strike Freedom and Dooms (they are really cool MS)
Two, Mwu La Fllaga is alive (well, though it's make no sense to me, how he can still alive after being shot with Lohengrin like that and how can he escape from Strike but I am really happy for Murrue >.<)
Three, Archangel has a hot spring (woohoo I really like Onsen ^^) and it can fight underwater (Yay!)

Okay guys, if I write the whole things that make me hate's Destiny's story it'll be too long ^^. So, I'll stop now and I guess this time is your turn guys.

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Double thread: Destiny is worse than SEED?

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