hentai,violent gaming,movies,porno, its bad for our socioty?

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Getting rid of those things would make a whole bunch of people mad, and would be even worse for society


  • Dec 18, 2006


  • Dec 19, 2006

generally its bad.

  • Dec 22, 2006

Crime rate doesn't always have to do with all these things. It could be how the people are raised and who influences them. Yes, it could be bad for our society. Just like how Hentai and Porn are sick especially when it comes to child pornography. That is just horrible and downright disgusting. From what i hear, Japanese (sometimes Chinese students) in Japan and Hong Kong suicide because of marks. Murdering, i think that the porn would keep them busy fantasizing so they wouldn't really cause any trouble.

Violent gaming, it acts for like a stress ball where you put your stress into and enjoy yourself. It would help the body enjoy itself for the time being.

Movies, well, it just shoves scenes in your face. In your face, you get a camera that is always moving and you just don't have the time to think and you are "influenced" by the actor's belief's (the character in the movie) and maybe other things. It causes bad influences though rendering you incapable of thinking and only "feeling" that what the person is doing, is GOOD.

The thing is, it isn't all that great but it sits on the boarderline of good and bad. Good because it would keep people busy and enough not to cause any trouble. It could be a reason why the North America has more crime than Japan/Hong Kong. I'm not saying it is but it could be part of it. Now, the bad part is when it is taken to the EXTREME. This means porn goes to child porn, people acting on emotions and PHYSICALLY doing all those things like going to rape, kill and all other stupid things.

Sometimes, it could be the person. (Mental problems, anger channeling, other stuff)

  • Jan 04, 2007

There's nothing wrong with any of it. The real crime is repressing it to the point where it becomes a secret shame, a fetish if you will, that is forbidden, and thus desirable. The very first cave drawings ever weren't or deer or sheep, despite what you may think. Just pictures of female genitalia (i.e. pornography). If you want to say people are vile and disgusting, hey go ahead, I can't argue with you. But I feel that lying to ourselves about the reality of our personalities and consequently denouncing others as less holier or less decent or whatever is a load of bull.

I place the blame of crime in the U.S. squarely on the shoulders of repression. Repression of our desires, respression of the lower class by the higher one, repression of intelligence by those in power who know that docile and ignorant sheep are easier to lead. The problem is, some people don't like to be repressed, hence crime.

Again, not all crime can be attributed to repression (well, maybe it can, but I'm not sure I could argue that point), but I feel that the discrepancy in crime rates between the U.S. and other countries can be effectively expressed that way.

  • Jan 05, 2007

its hell bad XD

  • Jan 07, 2007

hentai, violent computer games and movies, porn is bad for our society, because such stuff are 'bad influences' to the kids. Why?, because the parents arn't teaching their kids what is right and what is wrong. The parents would rather spend their energy and resources trying to ban such 'bad influences' than to teach their kids moral values.

In where I lived, there is this subject called "Civics and Moral education" that is taught in primary and secondary schools. For those who don't know why moral values are taught in schools, let me tell you the answer, its because the parents are neglecting the responsibility of teaching their kids moral values.

Some may argue that the act of trying to ban such bad influences is the same as telling the kids that such stuff are bad. But, hey, there is a difference between telling and teaching. telling a child porn is bad isn't gonna help the child understand why is it bad, any better.

in reference to what CSSTester had heard about students commiting suicide over their grades, i personally think that it had also got to do with their parents not teaching them that grade are not everything or perhaps they had been teaching them that grades are everything.


Lots of things are bad in our society. Watching a daily movie, some porn on [redacted], a game of daily ain't bad, as long as you don't neglect the important things in life. Moderation is key ;)

  • Jul 26, 2015

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