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Who is the main cha in Disgaea 2, do you know?

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Etna & Lahal will rule the world


Anyone who knows any information about the Series Makai Senki Disgaea, such as when it's coming out and how much it will cost, or anything about the upcoming game Disgaea 2. Thank you. :D :) XD ;)

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  • Jul 20, 2006



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Cancel might or might not know some of this, so bear with me :) As far as I know, there are 12 episodes of the anime that will be the whole series will probably be three DVDs with four episodes in each, or four DVDs with three episodes in each (it's most likely 4 eps/DVD, though ^_^). They'll probably cost from 19.99 to 29.99 per DVD, depending on where and when you do buy it. I won't be surprised if they release a boxed set, but I'm not sure XD

In the meantime, it's possible to still find fansubs around on the net, but that will be hard considering it's licensed. That's about all I can tell you, and I'm sorry if that wasn't much help ^_^'

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