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Anyone seen Azumi Movie 1 2 and 3? Cuz I'm looking for a site that fansub this movie. T_T and I mistakenly download the wrong movie, and it' was a french movie and I'm too eager to watch the movie 2 only and also for the movie 3. If anyone knows, please reply ^_^.


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Quote: Can links be made in posts?

You can include URLs either to pages within Minitokyo or to external websites in your posts as long as they serve to complement the point of your post. Linking to sites offering copyrighted material or torrents for such material is prohibited. Don't link to sites advocating illegal activities either.

In other words, it is not permissible to have people tell you which sites in where to download the movie. This is the rule of Minitokyo, hands down, so I do apologize. If you are talking about the fansubs in particular, try using the search engine.

[And no, Azumi 3 is a little far-fetched, in my very own opinion. If you clearly know the storyline, the director in no possible mention has claimed that a third movie will ever be released.

Still, you have to love Aya! She's such a sweetie, and I'll definitely miss her!]

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yea...I've never heard of a part 3...well as seeing how part 2 panned out...I highly doubt it...well at least part 2 gave more screen time for part 1 I was like hey its Shun...then its like...huh?...and Aya well...yea I guess she did do a good job as Azumi considering she's never done an action movie before...I remember watching a behind the scene and she had this massive lump on her head...poor aya :(

  • Aug 06, 2006

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