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I've followed Witch Hunter Robin for some time now, and talking with fans, it seems that one of the big mysteries of the series is exactly what time it takes place. We were sure it was set in the near future or the present; we just didn't know the exact time. :\

But I believe I've finally found the answer. I was watching the DVD when I spotted something in Episode 16, "Heal the Pain" (spoiler!). In this episode, Robin is adjusting to her new and temporary identity as a courier for Nagira. When she gets to her destination, she's talking to this woman at the counter, and the woman hands her what looks like a receipt or something. I saw some numbers, paused the scene, and took note. It said "12/2/2056". It was written in the Japanese style of dating (day/month/year), so it'd actually be written as "2/12/2056", February 12th 2056. It was two months prior to this that Robin first arrived at the STN-J, so WHR takes place in the winter of 2055-2056. :)

If you own the WHR "Fugitive" DVD, look at that scene closely and you'll see what I mean. ;)


Old Superhero, New Parameters


What a great discovery u did, iamrobinsena! I'm impressed that the anime was placed so much time in the future. Thanks for the info. ;)

"All my life i've been seeking for an angel. When i finally found one, she goes away..."

  • Jun 23, 2007

WOW! How precise! I remember that episode, but I never paid attention to the contents of the receipt, although back in wikipedia I read that they are some side evidences about this anime in most unlikely places. I don't know if you already know this but I read that somewhere during the anime, there was a letter from Robin, about how she felt and loved Amon! In Ziezan's monitor! He was reading her notes!
Can you believe that? Who knew you can find a peice of love evidence IN Zeizan's monitor?!

I've got to watch this anime again! Maybe I can find more information that has been left unanswered. ^_^' Thanks for the info! :D

  • Jun 24, 2007

Yeah, I noticed that, too! And in the same episode, above the note, there's something like, "Am I Joan of Arc? No, I am Robin." I'm not trying to read TOO much into this, but Joan of Arc was burned as a witch...I wonder if there's a connection...

Anyway, you see a lot of weird stuff. I have the complete collection, but I'm STILL not sure I've seen everything that could be seen. Another little fun fact: at the start of Ep. 2, when Karasuma and Amon look at the 1st victim's ID, it says the man is from "Anime-Town". O.o


Am I a person?
Or am I a Witch?
...No. I am Robin.
Witches are the new mankind. People are the oldman.
People hate witches and Witches hate people.
Can't we just love each other?
Am I "Joan of Arc"?
No. I am not. I love Amon.
I believe we can understand each other.

I can fight, because I believe.

It might have connection, but then again if you look at her later answer to the question, you see no connections at all!

Am I " Joan of Arc"?
No. I am not. I love Amon.

What does her love for Amon has to do with her being-Joan-of-Arc?! What is the connection? Could She declining to be Joan-of-Arc coz Joan never fell in love with a man?!

  • Jul 03, 2007

I didn't mean a connection to their relationship, per se; just a hint to the plot as a whole, but I do get your point. Looking at it from a geographical standpoint, it doesn't make sense either. Joan of Arc was mainly in France, and Robin came from Italy.

Oh well. Can't make ourselves too crazy, but it's nice to speculate... :)

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