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Alright I may not be a "new" member but I have been off for along enough time that many of you may have forgotten about me...

The reason is due to moving and a constant loss of internet connection for days and days.

Also the fact that 90% of the time my laptop freezes before loading me onto minitokyo could be a problem....

But since the move and getting my laptop back I have been off for what feels like half a year (and may be right to...) So I'll try to get back into the posting groove, and get to posting everyday, providing school and my laptop don't become to much of an issue...

but what major changes have happened since April?

did they remove the eechi they were trying to get rid of, or simply move it to a special section?

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  • Aug 17, 2006

Hello. Welcome back !

Some major changes ? I don't really remember.

But part of the echi content has been removed, probably the too explicit pictures... to comply to Google's rules (just "family contents"), so there's no way there would be a special section here.

See you around.

Thanks to GothicMike for making my avatar and signature.

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  • Aug 18, 2006

I dont even know you but hello =)

  • Aug 18, 2006

Ehhh... I wish there were a special section (not like I'm after hentai... no no no, just for fellow fans of echi). I heard it was removed. Anyway yea go into that posting groove thing... yea...
And good luck with your laptop dude

  • Aug 29, 2006





^^ well, welcome back then!
see you around, Lu

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