Favorite Sad/slow Song?

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I really love sad songs esp. Japanese because they have so much emotion in them!
I'd love to hear some new songs onegaishimasu!
Joke was on me- the Wallflowers
Itooshii Hito no temni(slow)- akemi sato

  • Aug 19, 2006



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Hallo there :)

Well, the animes had too many sad songs, i like them too! ;) But, right now (when i seed Fate Stay Night series) have two songs... One instrumental and the other singed.

The one is Kizune (track 34 OST) instrumental, but its too sad for me, and the other one is Kimi Tono Asu by Tainaka Sachi and there are the lyrics, u can hear them at my user page ^^!



guuzen janai futari deaeta nowa
zutto mae kara kimatteta unmei

me wo tojiru tabi sora wo miagaru tabi ni
maboroshi noyouna ano hibi ga yomigaeru

michi wa susumu tabi ni tooku naru
dakedo aruku yo konomama

watashi ni wa mieru kimi to no ashita ga
kimi ni mo wakaruyo itsudatta sou

kanarazu mamoru yo yakusokushita kara
kanashii toki ni wa soba ni itai yo

guuzen janai futari deaeta nowa
zutto mae kara yumemiteta unmei

Translate English:

It hadn't accidentally met between two people
But the fate which had bound us together

Every times I closed my eyes, every times I looked upon the sky
As if it was like an illusion the old day kept coming back

Every times I headed this path, it seemed to be lengthened
Though I was still walking

I'd foreseen the future of tomorrow for you and me
you know it always same

No matter what happened, I would protect you as I gave you my promise
When sorrow time reached you, I wanted to stand by your side.

It hadn't accidentally met between two people
But the fate which we had always dreamt to.

Not my translation,. I dont speak english as well if u see, hehe!

See ya! PaiPai!

"En este mundo existen cosas preciosas, porque no todos podemos poseerlas...
Todo lo extrano y escaso nos parece maravilloso y unico...
Pero en cierto modo, muchos no saben apreciar o mantener al tanto, tales bellezas..."


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I only have one that I heard when I was young on a CD I found in my parent's collection.
It was the X-files OST, and I listened.

Black-Sarah McLachlan

There is Nothing better than to be in the Darkness and to be saved by the Light...


But there is Nothing worse than to be in the Light
and to be taken by the Darkness...

  • Aug 19, 2006



Non-Chinese-speaking Chinese



I actually have a few...

- Hitomi wo Tojite by Hirai Ken
- The Day by K
- a little pain by OLIVIA inspi'REIRA (TRAPNEST)
- Moon on the Water by Sowelu
- The Way We Were (instrumental)
- Moon River (instrumental)

The last two are theme songs from the old movies: The Way We Were from the movie of the same title; Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Got them from one of those Reader's Digest CDs



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  • Aug 20, 2006

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