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Whats your favourite song among these?

Real Face
8 votes
3 votes
I'll Be With You
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I am sure there are fans of the boys here so....i would like to know your ratings for these Lovable Boys!

Ratings are from 1-10. OKay? Lets start!

1. In terms of Singing Voice
Kame - ?
Jin - ?
Junno - ?
Koki - ?
Ueda - ?
Maru- ?

*Pls use this format wen giving ur ratings, U can also use just their Initials like K, A, T, T, U, N

2. In terms of Dancing

3. In terms of Acting

And finally,
Rank the boys according to your favourites! [1 being the best, 6 being the least]


I'm pretty new to KATTTUN so I don't really know anything about their dancing or acting skills. They're all really good singers though. I love Kame and Jin the most. Sorry that I couldn't help with your survey

  • Oct 02, 2006



hi there xD


In terms of singing voice, ill have to say its K, A, T (Junno), N, T(Koki), U. I loooooove Kameee~ hes tooo adorablee! =) For dancing, Kame is my favorite again =) He was awesomee in the PV for "Real Face" it would be K, A, T(Koki), T(Junno), N, U.
For acting... i think you can prob guess who my fav is too =) Kameee all the wayy! He was awesomeee in "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" =D So ill have to sayy K, T(Koki), A... and ive never seen the rest of the group acting wise, so sorries =(
Overall, i love them all alottt but Kame is my fav =D and the rest of them are like all equal to me =D
Great survey =D


  • Jun 02, 2007

I LOVE Kame! hahahah He's so adorable! Well, I'm kinda new to Kat-TUN... so I can't answer the question seriously hehehe


hey...i am a big k-t fan since the end of 2005 ^^
i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve junno <3 omg my perfect prince *o*

the best singer is jin and the worst is uepi (like junno calls him <3)


  • Apr 03, 2008

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