Is Homosexuality Natural? Is Bisexuality?

Your opinion of Alfred Kinsey.

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No patience for fools.

"Natural", in its most basic sense, means occuring in nature. Therefore homosexuality is natural. (it occurs at all levels of the animal kingdom, including humans)
But it might mean "occuring within societal norms". If so, then yes, it is natural, since it has been occuring since civilisation has left traces (greeks, etc)
It can mean "occuring within conventional morals". If so, than it was natural in many periods of history, is no longer now through the moronic influence of the abrahamic religions. However, now, since religion is rolling back, homosexuality is becoming natural.

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Homosexuality and Bisexuality aren't bad. It's one's choice to choose whom he/she wants to date, have sex with, or overall be with and love in that way. This situation with homosexuality and marriage is like blacks and whites of the 1960s. Its just plain discrimination not to allow marriage amongst people of this orentation. It says even in jobs applications that they don't descriminate against those of race, gender, or sexual orentation. Though some do, they jsut don't admit it. A law was passed stating the seperation of church and state. The fact that President Bush doesn't suppost gay rights is in total violation of that because this is of his own religious beliefs. Not to mention all the church groups that are also against gay rights.

An it harm none, do what thou wilt, morality is simple as that. and the rest is just absurd archaic formalities.



ぬいぐるみ !

don't have a problem with it myself, but what goes on behind closed doors is your own business not mine, so keep it there. they say it's genetic, they also say it's a sin, to me, it's either "exploring", curiosity, fad, or just something you feel that you are, once you've reached that agreement with yourself and not what you've seen on tv, among your peers, etc., then, yes, you are said person.





D u n d u n

I found myself agree with two comments above. Imo, homosexuality or bisexuality is a choice.

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As a homosexual myself, nah i don't it's natural lol

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