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While I haven't been able to purchase the Basilisk anime yet I have been reading the manga. So far it's been pretty good except for one thing in volume 1 (Possible Spoilers begin here).......

........In the manga, Gennosuke and Oboro's respective grandparents Danjou and Ogen were in love during their youth and attempted to bring peace between the Koga and Iga clans. Unfortunetely, the preassures from both sides became too much for them and they forsook their love. Fast forward to the time of the main story; after agreeing to lead their clan's elite 10 against each other, a sneak attack by Danjou on his former lover ends in both dying. As they both pass into the afterlife, the manga depicts them in their youth and lying together, signifying that in death they'll be together.

The reason why I dislike this particular scene is because I don't feel Danjou and Ogen deserve to be together in death anymore than they did in life. They both chose their clans over each other, and in time were perfectly willing to kill each other in the name of their clans(Ogen even cackles vindictively when she kills Danjou). And they certainly don't deserve heaven as they willingly forced the same suffering they experienced on Oboro and Gennosuke. Although this scene is quickly forgotten as Basilisk's plot gets underway, for the instant that it occurs it succeeds in turning Basilisk from a tragedy into a farce
....(Spoilers end here)

  • Sep 21, 2006

Just like her ancestor, Oboro also turned out to be a weak and pathetic creature. She couldn't even take actions that were actually a bit logical like Gennosuke had about going to the Shogunate. Being a leader of the Igas, she was looking pretty much like a servant than the master. Tenzen was shoving her around because she had failed to make it clear who was boss like Ogen had. Having an awesome doujutsu and using it on her ally, Oboro sure was a total idiot. She just stuck to hrer precious Gennosuke-sama and did NOTHING else. Not even try stopping the feud like Gennosuke had. The only time I saw her take any action was when he was in danger (those actions were pretty lame too). I didn't feel ANYTHING for her when she died. Compared to Kagerou or Akeginu, Hotarubi or Okoi, Oboro is nothing. They at least did SOMETHING for their clan, Oboro just sat there, sealing her eyes for GODS SAKE, HOW DUMB AND STUPID CAN SHE BE?!

She was the 1st person that I actually did NOT feel sorry for in this series. I mean, come on, who the f***k puts themselves in a disadvantage purposely? And then she had the nerve to act like a weakling. Ok, 1st she seals away her only weapon that's SOMEWHAT useful. 2nd she does nothing to either help or stop the fights. 3rd she acts pathetic when Tenzen-jerk wants to have his way with her. Seriously, what did Gennosuke find in her? Such a pathetic character was soon FORGOTTEN by me as I became more fascinated with Okoi (cool ninja move, sucked him dry, but died. T.T) and Kagerou (though jealous, she actually made the attempt to do her part in killing the opponent, didn't feel sorry when she died either, was kinda childish, too childish).

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