Anyone seen the ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH? What are your views?

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[this is my first thread- bare with me]
Well, Bleach (i think the saving Rukia OVA) was made into a musical in mid-2005, which is version 1. Then they did another one, with the same OVA but only with more characters and more songs: version 1.5. And then they'll probably make another one called the Dark of the Bleeding Moon, same OVA and once again more characters and more songs.
After watching most of the various parts, it gave me lot of laughs though it's sadly not subbed but it's still pretty good music and acting as well.
Overall, i think the girl who was Rukia sounds like a guy.<hehehehhehh> and i love their costumes and swords, i wish i could have such things for anime manifest cosplay.
anyways, i hope they'll construct another one for the OVA after the filler! >let's just hope.

and yeah just tell your views on it.

For those who have no idea of what i'm talking about, just visit youtube and search up Rock Musical Bleach, the actual musical will appear and also the backstage clips as well.

bai-bye. >_<


  • Sep 25, 2006

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