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For all minitokyo members meaning anyone that is outside this group can play it too ^_^
I guess i just move it from the group anouncement to the chat lounge :)

Hehe it is actually a small story game project I initially wanted to play it when the group is bigger but well i am just too anxious..I just hope that people would enjoy it and have fun

-This game is for fun and enjoyment so quit harassing or jeering.

-To give your answer just post your right answer on the contest thread.. In an event whereby you want to change your answer please edit your post and not post another..

-Answer can be in multiples on which it will be said during the start of that part..

-The game is based on points ranging from -5 to 5.. so basically you can skip a question or participate on later... but do take note you might be at a disadvantage, so participate regularly to win..

-Also i think it is best that you keep your explanations off when you come with the answer... others might just take your answer if they feel it is sensible :)

Well i hope that is all the rules... And it would great if you can invite others too play the game

From: For all Minitokyo Members:[Story Game]

Answer: Brown Door
Members Scores
kayo04 : 3
Countess-D : 3
Kuro-kun15 : 3
anime-boy : 3
Firemace : 3
Gloria91thebest : -1
ShadowWraith : -1
MidnightHeiress : -3
embershadow : -3
SunSpots : -3
A-10hybrid : -3
auel1124 : -3

Part 2: The threat of life

Suddenly the nauseating smell of the room caught on to me O_o Geez i got to get out of here.. The three doors seem to be unlocked.. Which door should i choose....
I open the ....

Green Door: Just as i walked in, the floor behind me crumbled down. "What the..", i Exclaimed. A sound from behind startled me. Whipping around, i had just enough time to dodge just when i saw green vine lashing out at me. "Ah!" Struggling feverishly, i tired my best to keep the vines from tangling up with me. With one desperate pull, the vine snapped. As if it was a signal for backup, more vines appeared. An idea then struck me. Quickly i tied the vine to the door knob. Backing up as close as i dared to the vines, i ran with all my strength and speed forward. Swinging out of the door and hearing the sound of the vine missing my ear... i silently prayed that the other door is open or easily broken down... Relief came through me when i saw it wide open, as i flew into the brown doorway...

White Door: Just as i walked in, the floor behind me crumbled down. "What the..", i Exclaimed. Turning around, a flash surprised me , blinding me in the process and causing me to stumble backwards. Just as i realised what was happening, i instinctively reach for the doorknob. Before i knew it, i was hanging on to the doorknob for my dear life. Well it isn't going to be for long, feeling the mechanism in the door knob breaking apart as i thought. Weird and creepy sounds came from the white doorway, O_o like hell i am going back in there. Glancing at the other door, i found myself glad that it was wide open. The door knob i was holiding on to creaked, damn, i got to do something fast. I swayed my body back and forth, the momentum willing the door to flow with me. Finally my legs had a firmed distance with the wall. Swaying a few more times, i suddnely pushed against the wall hard with my legs.Just then , the door knob came loose, finding myself gliding through the air, my arms spread forward desperately hoping to grab something from the open brown door. My body slammed hard on the hard wall, pain vibrating through me. Still i clawed hard on the cold, hard pavement of the doorway as i slipped down from it and to my impending doom. Finally after breathtaking nail-breaking moments, literally, i caught hold the corner of the door. Thank god, heaving a sigh of relief and then grimaced as i looked at my broken nails. Geez, i got it done for my date tomorrow-- or was it today? I probably never going to see him, he thought i ditched him either ways. I sighed as i pulled myself up into the doorway.

Brown Door: I brush of the dust from my clothing as i turned and stared down at the seemingly bottomless pit, then to the vines coming out from the green doorway and hearing the creepy sounds coming from the white doorway O_o.. Like i want to know what that is coming from... Aggravated.... with mixtures of feelings.... i yelled "Hey, this isn't funny guys!". A few moments later, i find myself laughing. Yea, i had to, what kind of friends i have, play pranks that could have killed me. I laugh again as i thought of Little Miss Lily putting the vines there... Oh she would have screamed every two seconds... maybe one. I know, i sound like a crazy person now, at least better then sulking and crying at my miserable life now. My hair shifted as a cool breeze blew through me.... Right.... back to reality.. Turning, i saw a table standing before. On it a sword, a bottle with er... white stuff and a jeweled necklace. Great, i guess i will just take those... i reach and grab:

A- Sword
B- Bottle wit white stuff
C- Jeweled necklace

As i took the item, the other items crumbled to dust... wow that is a great magic trick.

I took notice of the surrounding -- The room is similar as the room before but there isnt a door in sight. The same old gargoyle statue stood in the middle of the room. I resisted the urge to kick the damned thing, knowing i would regret later. Back to the room, unlike the previous room, four portraints hung against the wall picturing -- a dragon hovering over a castle and breathing fire, an angel hovering over people and giving god's words of wisdom, a phoenix bursting out from a raging volcano and the damned gargoyle clawing at its poor victim. Hmm nice painting, weird actually.. in place like here. A cool breeze blew into me again but this time a musky smell came with it... great that smelled like trouble. Got to get out of here.. but there isn't a door.Still i remained placid and searched the room. Finally stumbling upon a lever of some sort. I can push it right, forward or left. Each direction has a letter -- Right has a letter L, forward has a letter A and left has a letter W. The musky smell gre thicker. Ok, think fast... I held my breath as i pushed the lever...

1 - Right (L)

2- Forward (A)

3- Left (W)

To be continued....

Sorry for my lateness i just came back from Japan , things are pretty hectic for me since wedding bells grew closer :) *cough*

Ok the previous answer is easy i know ;) .... Yes i took the liberty to describe the statue for that purpose. But as i said the hidden answers are harder to find as the story goes on ^_^ Well this part isnt that hard an answer actually :)
Also i think it is best that you keep your explanations off when you come with the answer... others might just take your answer if they feel it is sensible :)

Well till next week ;)
Note that this part needs to answers :)
Answers will be revealed upon continuation of next part on which the computation of the score will be shown. Parts will be updating every week.

~~ A project by ASC Club ~~

a big THANK YOU to my lovely and humorous friend,the irresistable Devilet X-P
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