toujin1 come plz

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hi toujin1,

first, thanks so much for letting me use your drawing for my project! :D without it, i don't know what to hand in! ^_^' hehe

hope u won't mind, but giving some advices too... for the blue version, i really don't know whether I should include text or not :sweat: or any other comments wud b fine too

anywayz, heres:
Blue Version
Blue Version with Text
Red Version

btw, for my work cited, should I just include your username or is there something else you want me to write as the "author" of the work?

  • Oct 22, 2006



the sword's blade


The links don't seem to be working...would you be able to send them to me via email at ?

What kind of text were you thinking of adding?

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  • Oct 23, 2006


Retired Moderator


likes rainbows :D


I have to say I like it better without the text. The text is kinda distracting and throws off the balance of the piece. Also, the font style isn't the best suited, it looks like it's just kinda stuck-on...

personally, I like the blue version, although I think if you were to make the red version more like fire, it might work better too.

But I like what you've done with the colours of the phoenix :)



well either way, I;ve handed it in. Still, thanks for your comments!

This isn't art class anywayz, merely a requirement for graduation :sweat: and it doesn't matter if I hav some ink splattered across the page >.>

still, thanks for ur comment!

  • Nov 03, 2006

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