Need Help For Logitech z5500 and Audigy

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I have the logitech Z-5500 paired up with Audigy 2 ZS card. Sounds are decent. But i seem to have a problem striking the balance between power and quality.

Like on one setting i can hear every single instrument and voices clearly but lacking bass power which sounds weak, and on the other hand i could achieve strong powerful bass but it will sound very boomey overpowering and i will not be able to hear everything quiet as clear.

I know these speakers are very capable of performing high end sounds, as when i watch dvd movies with dts mode. These babies really come out alive with unbelievable sounds. But when it comes to listening to mp3 music on my pc. Most of the sounds seems out of balance. I tried using optical connection, coax connection, Analog connection, adjusting bass, treble, environment effects, volumes....etc

But still no luck. From what i read in the reviews and forums. That a lot of people with the same setup as me said that they have been able to get sounds like crystal clear audio when listening to music with jaw dropping bass that are able to shake things in their rooms.

Here are some pictures of my settings.

Info on my current settings with audigy soundcard.

For master control volume i have it on - 75%
Bass settings - 54%
Treble settings - 66%
Audigy Graphic Equalizer - EQ Rock
Environment Effect Small Room - 21%
Bass Redirection - 90Hz
CMSS 3D - Stereo Surround
Windows and THX settings - 5.1
Windows Media Player Equalizer - Default
Logitech Control Panel - 6 Ch Direct Mode

Sorry if this post was a little long. But can some of you guys help me out like post your settings or tell me which settings i should set to get powerful bass while having crystal clear audio?


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