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Okay, because of many contradiction like: Is there any god, who creates human, or which come first: eggs or chicken, i'm pretty much confused of thee way u ppl think. So, as a human i decided to remake this "godlike game".

The rule is very simple.

1. Write the changes you wanna make, including the creation. Imagine and pour the yer most creative idea. Unlogical post that packs a hit will be loved by the ppl.

2. I will not take Any, And i mean Any resposibility whatsoever.
Note: for all people, i don't mean to violate u or anything. It's just a game. Sorry if anything goes wrong.

I start with the next post...

merged: 10-29-2006 ~ 06:02am
Oh wait, I can't! the only thing i can do is to make a world without this holy crap to make it peacefull and quiet, but to begin with i have to delete the law...

  • Oct 28, 2006



Getting back into the game


(so is this like a roleplaying thread in anyway? Cause I dont get the rules that good......)

  • Oct 29, 2006

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