End of First Feature Round & Free Your Inner Waller News^^

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*Kero~! O_o


Hello guys^^
Heres some good news for everyone XD

The Free Your Inner Waller Contest is Now officialy Starting! XD


Next, Ill like to announce the winner of the First Feature Round! XD *drumrolls*

First Feature Round Winner: Dothaithanh!

*This is the banner awarded to him to be put up in his userpage^^

The points of small benner will remain in the Groups page for 5 days to be checked for mistakes^^

And of course, Ill like to make a lil changes in this system.
Since this feature system sometimes get stuck halfway because there isnt any worth featuring, Ill like to make a few changes... >_<
#1. The feature round will now maintain for only A MONTH. We will start the next round at December. Meaning the Most featured that month will win.
#2. The small banner points will remain only withouht the banners (since I didnt really find the usage for that... :sweat: ) The same remains. 2 points for main feature, 1 points for category feature.
#3. There will bge a new Feature starting December. Which will be the MOST IMPROVED. The MOST IMPROVED will be featured via small thumbnail yet receives 2 POINTS.

I hope the new system is easier to understand & I hope U guys are okay with it... >_<

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