Itsuki, fake instrumentalist

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it's my second shot, 'couse previous I put in wrong place. so again. Itsuki

I do not like this guy, but that doesn't meen he's very interesting character. We now that he is Ayato's 'young' brother. Twin brothet to be more specific.

hey twins supposed to be indentical, not only apperance but behavior. Itsuki and Ayato are ENTIRELY defferent (only apperance supposed to be similar).

ok I underwtand that they were rise in completely different surrounding, Ayato with loving (in this odd way) mum, Itsuki under some sick influence of Bahben (or whotever his name is) with others clones. but that do not completly excuse they dissimilarity.

RahXephon rejected him (Ixtli I love You for that, kicks his ass girl). maybe he is intelligent, maybe he even draw ONE painting with Ixtli but he is still fake copy of real instrumentalist, Ayato.

Itsuki is so weird. hey guyes, he wears skirts! Geez is he some kind of transvestite?


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