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The Akita on MiniTokyo


There is the thought I had of an Angel for every month of the year. So, for this thread, I would like to know from my fellow MT brethren:

Which Angel fits which month?

There is no right or wrong, but surely, there has to be an angel that fits each month of the year. Explanations are optiona, but most highly encouraged.

Note: we are not including Kazuya, even though he is a member of the Angel-Tai. Also, for some odd reason, this didn't get placed in the Galaxy Angel forum, so I appreciate one of the mods moving it there.


To the brave otaku and MiniTokyo faithful, nothing is without moe.


o-o Here I go~

Chitose - January
Ranpha - February
Mint - March
Lily - April
Milfeulle - May
Rico - June
Anise - July
Natsume - August
Nano-chan - September
Forte - October
Kahula/Tequila - November
Vanilla - December

x3 I wish I could do one for the GA guys~ That would've been fun~

  • Dec 07, 2006

Nano-Nano Pudding- January (well, at this time everyone is having fun and being happy in the outdoors and her personailty fits well here)
Ranpha - February (shes da closest thing to being Chinese and Chinese New Year is usually celebrated at that time? Im not too sure)
Apricot - March (start of Autumn, orange leaves and flowers everywhere)
Forte - April (ANZAC day is celebrated at this month, referring to the ANZAC fight, where they got surprise attacked by the European snipers and gunners)
Mint - May (this is usually the time when my skool starts performances and stuff and everyone wears costumes so Mint relates to this)
Chitose - June (Chitose is a cold-blooded gal... she wants vegeance on the Moon Angel-tai. And Winter is really cold so...)
Anise- July (no idea why)
Natsume - August (I still got no clue who she is... apart from being with the Rune Angels)
Milfeulle - September (start of Spring, where flowers start to bloom and gardens grow beautiful at this time)
Kahula/Tequila - October (well, to Tequila, OctoberFest is celebrated at that time and its about drinking and acting drunk and stuff...)
Lily - November (no idea why)
Vanilla - December (time where we celebrate Jesus's birth, Christmas, other Christan events)

Btw, I'm from Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere, when Summer is December, January February and Winter is June, July and August

  • Dec 08, 2006



White Supernova Wolf


Why not just using their birthdays?

Sakuraba ???? sisters own the galaxy!

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