Strawberry Panic vs Maria Sama

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Wich is better? (in your opinion)

Strawberry Panic!
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Maria Sama
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Ok in my last post I noutice that most of you like Maria Sama rather than SP(Strawberry panic!)..well I would like to know why?

My opinion:
SP has a..well its more ""open"" to the relation ships betwen girls..and Maria sama...well is not.
I just what you to notice that..the style is different, the fact that the stories run into a catholic school it doesn't means that they have to be similar.

SP is just about none of the chapters is a men..and in Maria Sama well there is..Sachiko's cousing and Yumi's brother(it is not to relevant but there are guys)..well as I say before SP it is more ""open"" to girl-girl relations...

Similar stuff
Bouth are place in catholic schools..bout animes have over 20 episods etc..

So...tell me!:\

NOTE: Do not mention other animes, I'm just askin about this two! clear? -_-


  • Jan 23, 2007

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