Samurai Champloo scan deleted

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The description of the scan you submitted was deemed insufficient. It had one of the following problems:
- It was not clear whether or not the scan was done by you.
- It was taken from an image gallery or official site and you failed to provide the proper credit to the individual or website. You may submit the scan again and provide information about the artist or the website.

If you genuinely do not know where the image came from, simply stating "Not my scan." will suffice, but in a duplicate situation, individuals who provide proper credit will have their scans stay and yours deleted.

Continual non-credit uploading will result in a ban from uploading.

I've certainly added information that I found this scan on 4chan.



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Hm, coulda sworn I wrote in the moderator's note that the scan originated from Well, that's the reason.

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I used to be that bitch who deleted your pictures. Now that I'm gone, nobody is gonna delete your pictures anymore. Good for you.

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