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Is there an anime you know about that most other people may not? Tell us about it! There's this one anime I like called "Zillion", which is yet to be released on DVD, and when I do, I HOPE it doesn't get re-dubbed. Because when stuff is re-dubbed, it just gets f***ed up and ruined. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Anyway, the Sega Master System game that it's based on is probably better known than the show itself. It's about a trio of soldiers calling themselves "The White Knights". They consist of J.J. (Doug Stone), Champ (Kerrigan Mahan), and Apple (Barbara Goodson). Under the aid of Director Gord (Michael Forest) and Amy (Wendee Lee). It's a good show. I made one AMV about it one time, but it's on a VHS tape, and if the series ever gets released on DVD I'll probably remake it.

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