Tales of Symphonia ending: Can anyone explain what happened?

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Hey . . . for those of you who have played the game Tales of Symphonia (GC/PS2), I was just wondering if there was anybody out there who was able to understand what happened in the ending. For instance, why does Kratos feel obligated to travel with Derris Kharlan and how come Tabitha showed up when Martel's spirit appeared? Also, and Lloyd's wings and why Colette helped him do the sword slash thing . . . there are so many things that go on in the ending of this game that don't quite make a lot of sense. Can anybody explain what has happened?

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Umm i can try, its a favorite of mine. Lets see...Kratos feels obligated to travel with Derris kharlan beacuse he is a half-elf i think, and therefore feels he does not belong on earth having already lived there for a few hundred years. Traveling with Derris will let him explore the universe also.

Tabitha shows up near Martel because they have some sort of connection. I think Tabitha lets her body become the actual vessel for Martel, kind of like Colette was supposed to be. If you remember earlier in the game, they said she was like a doll, a mindless puppet, which is what Colette was supposed to become, and DID become for a short time.

Lloyd gets wings just because Kratos is his father im guessing? He must be part Elf, and his exsphere was also some advanced kind, probably amplified by the summon spirit and the blade u get at the end of the game. Colette helps him with the slash just for emphasis probably. There isnt any real meaning to it.

Yes it is a very confusing game and I encourage you to play it through many times. My file has some 228 hrs or so of play time trying new things. I cant be sure of how accurate my explainations are, but they're the best I got and I love that game!

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I can help clear in more detail if you'd like.
Kratos isn't a half-elf, and he has only lived for so long, because of skills Yuan, Mithos, and himself had developed when they traveled together (4 thousand years prior to the game) in order to stop the Karlan War.
The war was between two groups; half-elves and humans. This is because half-elves were not accepted by either the full blooded elves or the humans, because they were half of both, and in this sense not good enough for either race. The humans fought, because they believed half-elves to be dirty and low-class.
Martel Yggdrasil, (Mithos' sister) Yuan, Mithos Yggdrasil, and Kratos traveled together to search for peace in the world (stop the Kharlan war). Martel, Mithos, and Yuan are half-elves who were banned from the village of the elves (Heimdall) because of their blood (remember that no one accepted half blood!). Kratos, however, was a human and had befriended them. This relationship was proof that it IS possible for humans and half-elves to live together in harmony, and share peace, hence their journey began to rid the world of ignorance and show this proof to all.
In the end, the war wasted all the mana (wasted by magi-technology used for weapons in the war)of the world and the supply from the Kharlan tree (tree of infinite mana) so Martel Yggdrasil sacrificed herself in order for the Kharlan tree to live (told in the very very first part of the game!).
Okay, let's see.. right! We all know Mithos (Yggdrasil) split the world and they are supported by mana from the seed of the great tree which lies between the now split, two worlds (Sylverant, and Tethe'alla). Now a ritual of the chosen goes every so and so years to regenerate their world though the other world will however perish. It is not known (except by Cruxis) that the chosen actually is brought to Yggdrasil to use as a vessel to bring his sister Martel back from the Great seed. Mana is brought back to whichever world the chosen did his/her journey from as a cover so all people believe that the chosen continues, through centuries, to bring mana back to their world. Many vessels failed to help in the rebirth process of Martel Yggdrasil and so the chosen's journey continues between both worlds. Tabatha is one of the failed vessels that did not accept Martel's soul. The body of Tabatha (now soul-less) was given to the dwarf in tethe'alla (his name escapes me right now).
In the end, Tabatha takes in Martel (NOT Martel Yggdrasil, but the actual GODDESS OF MANA) as the vessel in order for the kharlan tree (now named Yggdrasil tree) to grow and support the newly, reformed ONE world (Sylverant+tethe'alla combined, just as it was before it was split by Mithos)
Phew *sweat drop*..... Lloyd got the wings, because after he defeats Mithos at the end of the game Mithos becomes part of Lloyd's exsphere (rumored that he wanted to see the newly regenerated world Lloyd managed to create, since Mithos Yggdrasil failed). Since Mithos has wings, Lloyd now does as well. Mithos also (mentioned earlier) has skills allowing him, Yuan, and Kratos to live for a very very very LOOONG time, so it's assumable that Lloyd may live long as well.

I hope you are not asleep at this point but I recommend you read this again a couple of times cuz it's very long and it's easy to forget a lot of important details.

Long live Symphonia.
\(^o^)/ Love to all,

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Basically, Mithos dies, and Lloyd uses the power of the Eternal Sword and of Origin to rebind the worlds together. After that, this takes place:
Note that the Goddess Mana possesses the body of the doll Tabitha, and that the tree had previously .

While it is true that the name of the tree is never given officially, it can be assumed that it was named "Yggdrasil" after the main antagonist. In Tales of Phantasia, the game to which Symphonia is a prequel, bears a mana tree by the name of Yggdrasil.

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Thank you all for the explanations since I am a fan of the game as well.
That explains who Tabitha really is since I didn't understand her complete purpose.

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GOD bless you all and I wish you all a happy life.

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