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ok,this happend to a fren of mine and i got so PISSED off bcuz of it.

my fren name is reuben and he got a sec1 girlfren (jo).

den once,we were playing cards with a bunch of frens.
den jo fren called him using her hp bcuz jo the handphone no money.

den jo fren call him and this is what she said.
jo fren : erh reuben,come down to east spring primary [which its kinda far from where we were at]
reuben : for what?!
jo fren : u come down here,den JObella meet u den u send her home.
reuben : i come down for what?! i need go home soon.
jo fren : aiya,nvm one larh. only get scolding abit only.
reuben : i cant larh.
jo fren : *keeps persuading*
reuben : KEEPS SAYING NO till he got angry and put down the phonecall.

den its like,so wahlao!

so pissed with her.
den she was like so negative.
i give u her blog,u go read her post. >=(

its like so pissing me off larh!

read cinnamonroll for a simpler version . lols.



  • Feb 18, 2007





well im not certian how to awnser this couples break up all the time over stupid things time passes and things heal to be honest tho i couldent read half of what u wrote no ofence ment

don't correct my spelling

  • Feb 20, 2007

Uh...wtf does this say? that someone was trying to have sex with another person and your upset you werent included in it? Someone provide a translation or just a small saying of wtf this is, about i got was the "cheer me up" part. crazygirl is a good title, though I'm surprised she managed to spell it right when I read this...o wait, two "i"s in girl, was "crazygirl" already taken? Translate please!


  • Feb 26, 2007

i think crazygirl is talking about her friend reuben's relationship with his 1 second girlfriend? and crazygirl's upset on what this Jo girl wrote in her blog, which I also think included crazygirl's name in Jo's ranting...

uhh not sure, that's how I understand it...

anywayz Reuben doesn't want to go to where the girl is at, because Jo's reason is that he wants reuben to go to the place east spring primary, which is a bit far from where reuben is now... just so, reuben could accompany Jo to her home...

uhh... looks like your friend reuben doesn't care about her so I think he'll sooner or later dump her... and you guys can ignore her rantings in her blog...:D

anyways did my edited version of the story made sense?XD

  • Mar 01, 2007

I'm not sure, I feel like a deer stuck in a trucks heads light...


  • Mar 01, 2007

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