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"I find it strange that you submit exactly the same image just minutes after someone else did. So you know what I did... I took that first scan and enlarged it to the proportions of the later scan which you submitted. And do you know what I found?

It looked exactly like yours!

First Warning for enlarging a pre-existing scan and having the gaul to submit it as a superior replacement scan.

The next warning will restrict your membership, and the third & last warning comes with an instant ban."


Okay I recieved my very first warning because of an enlarged scan.

I know that in the Rules people can still get warnings for submitting enlarged scans eitherway whether they did it or not,
but I've been falsey accused of actually doing it. The moderator believes that I took the 1st earlier submission and manipulate it to make it larger in order to submit it and get the other deleted which I did no such thing. I'm not that evil.

The moderator enlarged the earlier scan and compared to mine saying it was exactly the same and it was that proof they made that led me to recieve my first warning. Just because the moderator can do it does not mean they can assume that I can. I can honestly tell you that I do not know how to enlarged a scan in order to make it look better because there is no such thing.

I've been a Minitokyo member long enough to know not to enlarge a scan because its ruins the quality of an image. I also know what a typical enlarged scan looks like from having to report some before. It usually blurry, jagged lines and pixalated/artifacts, distored, etc.

Originally I found that scan at an imageboard link: http://moe.imouto.org/post/view/3191
My submission:


I knew this image was submitted earlier but I downloaded it anyway for keepsake. Turns out that I noticed my resolution was slightly bigger than the previously submitted one.

So I submitted it by making a few adjustment of changing the .png format to a .jpg format because the file size was too large to send in.

A few hours later, botchii deleted "Classy Lady" and I was like okay I understand. And because I've understand, I've never bothered making any complaints until now. Then after few minutes of the deletion I recieved the above message from my guestbook. I was shocked! Because of the false assumption, I HAD no choice but to defend myself in order to prove that I did not purposely enlarged a scan or having "the gaul to submit it as a superior replacement scan."

So I compared both scans to see what was wrong with mine (I only have Jasc Paint Shop Pro so I could be viewing this wrong?) At first I notice a slight blurr in mine which could be easily fixed with the sharpen tool. Then I thought "Could I have actually submitted an enlarged scan? How stupid of me to not check clearly!" It was hard to determine cause I thought the slight blurr could have been caused by the scanning at 300+ dpi resolution. I also did not see the serious jagged lines and pixalated/artifacts either. I then thought that maybe the previous submitted scan was resized smaller from the original to make it look excellent quality.

Then I made a big discover! The reason it might have come out looking "enlarged" because originally the file was saved as a .png format which meant it was to preserve the quality of the image to the highest. By trying to convert it to .jpg format the quality got destroyed which could possibly explained the bad quality. I was also wondering that even if the original was in .png format could you guys noticed it was enlarged despite being saved at a higher file type? I mean, it was hardly noticable and I was just following the requirements of what an enlarged should have.

I think this issue should be based on the low quality of the image that I sent. That if the moderators did not like it because of the quality then it should simply be qurrantine/deleted. Don't jump to conclusions unless its really really noticeable. Sure mine had a slight blurr but was it enough to accused me of just enlargement instead poor quality?

I also do not think its right to immediately give me a warning when I rarely or barely submitted any repeated enlarged scans or caused any other trouble in MT. I love MT and its the best place to get high quality scans. I've tried other places but MT will always be the one.

I'm also not asking you to bring back my scan either, the other person can keep their scan up. I admit it was my fault and stupidness and I shall be more careful in the future when doing conversions, I'm just trying to rid my first warning.

Sorry about how long my complaint is, I hope it doesn't sound harsh. I was trying to explain my situation.
Thank you for considering it.


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If you're going to be more careful from now on, then normally you won't be warned again, right? What's the need to erase the first warning then?


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Nothing you have said convinces me that I should remove the First Warning.

It was highly suspicious behaviour that 15 minutes after the first image had been submitted that you submitted the same image but slightly larger.

After enlarging the first smaller image I found that it looked exactly like the one that you had submitted. Therefore the image that you submitted had been an enlarged version of that smaller image.

Nothing else you say can convince me that the image had not been enlarged and therefore the First Warning remains.

As Candy-Chan says, if you're careful from now on then there's no need to worry.

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