Your Favorite drink?

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I like lot's of thing so I'm going to list them ^_^
3-Hot Green tea & Hot tea
5-Mountain Dew
7-Orange Juice

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Water mainly, sometimes coke or root beer.

Umm..favourite drink, I'd have to say Pepsi.
I just love it. :)



Gitsu-chan <3

i hate water! so.. bland...
definitely... hmmm... Ramune!

milk tea lol
strawberry tea xD

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Raspberry juice and cola.

mineral water

sweet ice tea

Coffee,(Black, Green, Mint Tea), Beer, Coke.

Starbucks' caramel frappuccino with coffee, whip cream, chocolate chips (often with), and sometime chocolate drizzle.
Green tea cream frappuccino or green tea latte, sometime with and sometime without chocolate chip and a drizzle of caramel.

I literally sit at Starbucks for hours writing, sketching, and doing my work. I buy caramel frappucino a lot more often because it's a little bit cheaper than the green tea. It's rm12 without all the added sh** and I always carry my tumbler, so that's -rm2. When I go with my sister, I get to use her student's discount of -5% and -rm2 for my tumbler :3


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In winter: Hot chocolate with rum or whithout rum! Or any teas! I do not drink coffee!
In summer: Tequila Sunrise ^^



D u n d u n

Teas, any drink taste with chocolate and taro's flavour XD
Anyone who have not taste taro, it's delicious XD I have just known one week ago that taro is purple sweet potato

But the most fav of all and the always thing I drink, is mineral water! XD XD

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Coffee, soda, lemonade, milk & juice. I also drink a lot of water, especially when it's hot. I hate the taste of tea :/


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I don't like refrigerated/cold water, it hurts my throat. I love juices of many types like Apple, Orange, pineapple, mango etc. And I'm a coffee lover, too. I love coffee, strong and bitter ones when I work.
Warm milk with Coco, or honey. And saffron flavored milk is love, too. Then there is a drink made from pulp of raw mango, we call is "Keri ka Pana". I love that too, it's delight of summer just like lemonade.
Strawberry smoothie, chocolate shake, chocolate and banana shake, Lassi. And too many drinks. xD

I never had alcohol so dunno about them, maybe I'll like them if I drink, I'm not legally allowed to drink, lol.

Anyway, what does mad mean exactly? Aren't we all a little mad?
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My favorite drink is Horchata, strawberry milk, Big Blue, Doctor Pepper.

Let me favorite drinks are:

1) Low sodium spicy V8

2) Crystal Geyser sparkling water

3) Ginger beer (non-alcoholic)

4) Occasionally sweet alcohol like Irish Cream or Kalua or Japanese sake.

5) Coffee with creamer and sugar.

6) Long time ago I was seriously addicted to soda pop. Drank six pack a day in lieu of water. Didn't realize I was addicted. Quit cold turkey when I realized I was harming my health and tooth.

Quote by Angithere are so much kind of drinks...
which one is your favorte?
I like natural drinks and tea, and sometimes a bit of wine .^_____^.

what about you? what you like to drink!?

I Like ramboo merchandise juice with fries and catchups.

Currently, I have been drinking mostly tea, coffee, and zero calorie mix drinks. A nice glass of milk before bed is good too.
On the alcoholic side, I prefer Gin but can go with Vodka and Whiskey (mixed drinks:Gin_tonic and Gin_cherry or Lemonlime soda)

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