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Hello, all. :)

UA has been a bit slow due to members being busy due to real life (regrettably, this is my case too -_-') and if you're a new member, I guess you will find this something perhaps you've never heard about, if you're not so new, then this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Every year UA has an annual group discussion. This means that every member should have their input and have their say in how they feel this group should be run.

Here are the following topics at hand:

- Administrators of the group: should inactive administrators be removed and replaced?
If replaced, via nominations and voting- or how?

- Member acceptance criteria: too high or too low?
What do you want to see to those you feel are too appreciated?
What is your definition of appreciated?

NEW!- Member mentoring scheme
Would you like to have a wallpaper mentor, so to speak? In other words, every time you post up something, your mentor must comment- or, every time you are working on a new piece of artwork, you can ask your mentor to check over it before you submit.

Continuation!- Sharing Techniques and Skills
Do you think this is better in tutorial format, or would you prefer typed instructions just in the guestbook?
Or should we archive them?

HOT- What competitions do you want to see in 2007?
Prizes? Challenges? Cross Group competitions? Continuation of the UA themes or should they just go due to slow entries?




I mentioned this last year about removing all inactive members.

All members will have approximately 2 months to at least post here on this thread with their suggestions or opinions on the above topics at hand, or to post in the UA guestbook by visiting the group page.

I will of course not delete members who have at least contributed to UA in the past either through helpful posts or competition entries, but if you do not post in the next 2 months and I can't even remember who you are because you are rarely active in the group you will be aspired. Permanently. Until you are alive @_@

I hope that 2007 has been a good year for you all!
UA has been a pretty effective group since we've started up and I'm personally very happy with the vast improvements many many of those in UA have had. Really, I hope that we can continue this in the future and just also be a group of friends or a place to hang 'round and talk about Lampy :P


Dudes, make an entry for ZODIAC or COPYCAT CHALLENGE.
If you find the copycat challenge too hard because there aren't enough wallpapers in the gallery to copy or mimick styles from, feel free to suggest wallpapers you find inspiring in the guestbook! Please note that they must be made by a UA member, though :P Or else the admins can't add it anyways :P

Also, we have a really really weird GROUP AVATAR in case if you haven't realised!


This was a little group avatar I quickly whacked up and it reflects NOTHING about UA lol. 'Cept maybe conceptually we are looking up hopefully... BUT ANYWAY.


88x31 .gif file is required. Anything to do with tropies, lampy, cookies or lots and lots of stick people will do. Or nothing to do with that is okay :P
Either way, if you have any spare time and feel like it, we'll be grateful m(._.)m

Thanks for reading this excessively long post! If there are any other issues you would like to raise in the discussion, please just fire away.

I hope you read posts from you~ hopefully all, if not, mass destruction/ removal will take way >_>

Misa (on behalf of UA)

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Whoa! It's already the 3rd Annual Discussion! >.<

Admins of the group

*gasp* Inactive admins will be removed or replaced?! Hm, well... I don't see any inactive admins in UA. But IF that does happen, I guess it should be replaced, but not instantly. My idea is that maybe we can have it through active members' nomination. They can nominate a few names, and then the current active admins will then pick out a few possible and of course, qualified candidates. And then announce the candidates and ask our active members to vote for the next replacement.

Member acceptance criteria

I think it's just fine. Not too low, nor too high.

Too appreciated
Too appreciated? Well, I really hope to see a different style in their walling. I don't really feel like pointing it out, but I really can't keep "giving chances" so I'll say it straight to the point.

There are all kinds of too appreciated walls. 1. nice, professionally done walls which are candies to the eyes. 2. flashy, colourful wall with no firm deliberation.

I don't have any problem with too appreciated walls if they're very nicely done, very professionally done or it's just a perfect wall with no mistakes; maybe it's popular because of the character/s that's inside or maybe the waller is already skilled enough -- No comment. But I DO hope those who are too appreciated just because they make flashy walls but with bad deliberation can do something about their walling technique first. Change their walling style or something; 3D background and 2D scan just don't match!

Definition of appreciated
Appreciated, as in, the walls you made are something decent, something nice to the eyes, rational and logic, everything blends in together and matches, a not widely used style, not too fancy, not too much glitters, stars, sparklies... moderate. A moderate wall with no excessive amounts of "above mentioned no-no items" is to be appreciated. Edit: I nearly missed out this point. Being appreciated, can also means that someone who, well, supports and appreciate the works we've done because they genuinely feel that the walls are good, they're very nice and they deserve a praise or anything similar to that, not just because he/she's in my watchlist so I must add her wall into fave or else she won't add mine into fave as well. If that's really the case then maybe we should just scrap the friendlist thingey; it's more of an honest feeling.

Yes! ^^ I agree with member mentoring scheme. This way we'll avoid making bad walls and we get to correct and make improvements on our wall-in-progress. This way we'll have more great and better walls that can be dished out to MT.

Sharing Techs and Skills
Hm... the tutorials depend on what problems we have, don't they? It'll be tough if we keep asking for hard tutorials in the guestbook (short ones are okay, but then if we don't the guestbook will be lonely >.<) Maybe we can keep long and hard, or just complicated tutorials in tutorial format. Simpler tutorials can be answered through guestbook? Well that's my idea.

Cross group competitions! >.< Raise our group spirit! *lols* About the UA themes... no, its been going for so long, might as well just keep it, as a UA tradition. XD Perhaps we could just fix and extend the deadline.

^^ Happy reading.

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Oh, this is the first time for me. XD

Member acceptance criteria: too high or too low?
I believe they're just fine. Nothing seems like a problem. ^^

What do you want to see to those you feel are too appreciated?
Well, in a way, I don't really think anyone can be too appreciated. I mean, sometimes it's discouraging to see people who always make blue, celestial, sparkly wallies hit the people's choice. Especially if it's low quality.
But other than that, I don't think wallers can be too appreciated. :)

What is your definition of appreciated?
Well, appreciation is showing gratitude and support towards a person. Being appreciated is somewhat like showing thanks to them. It doesn't mean talented people, it doesn't mean the rulers. To me, it means that they show gratitude for your hard work into doing something for everyone or just for a certain person. It doesn't mean popularity and it doesn't mean grand quality. The definition of appreciate to me, simply is the thanks and pat on the backs on a work or task you put all your hard work into. People who simply just love your work, not because it's a popular trend or just because it's your friend and you have to comment, but because they know you put your greatest effort into it and love that you did it to share with others. Yup... I hope I didn't repeat myself in this part. XD

Member mentoring scheme
Oh, I believe this is a fine idea. Nowadays I hear people telling me that they blank out and they find it so discouraging to find their work not accepted into MT. (This is totally one of me XD) It'll also make the people who submit the works have more confidence when they submit in artwork. This is somewhat UA is about. For people to comment and give each other our idea's for improvement.

Sharing Techniques and Skills
Erm, I don't really mind where it is. Whether it's in the guestbook or in the tutorial format, it's all right to me. It's just that if too many posts are posted in the guestbook, the tutorial might go away, and people might have to fish the tutorial out. ^_^' So maybe I might just like it better in tutorial format... XD

What competitions do you want to see in 2007?
Oh, cross group competitions sounds like fun. ^^ And maybe some prizes. That could be nice. Just don't know what kind of prizes though. >_< I think it's best to keep the UA themes. I've seen them going on for a long time, and it would be tragic to see them not here anymore.
I'm having a huge problem with the current themes though. I tried Zodiac, but gave up because I had no ideas for it. >_< Oh well...

Well, hopefully everyone can understand what I'm trying to say in the above topics. I don't feel like proof reading. XD
Thanks for reading this! Take care now.

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Time for Evo's thoughts and Input :D

Admins of the group
There is a few there who are inactive but more of the ways of not even popping in to day hi or anything. As for admin job wise there hasnt been much to admin so at least that is one for that. Maybe messaging out to see if they are alive at all or have dropped off the Minitokyo world. If it comes down to it and we decide to purge the admin maybe like in the style of doing like the members, sending message saying just respond if you are alive (and of course still interested in being a UA admin) and then if there is no response after that then drop them down to member status.

As for replacing them hmmm seriously I dont think there is any active members that could fill that position atm or any who have shared anything that would really help towards the group.

Member acceptance criteria

I think this is still perfectly acceptable. A lot of the old times are getting more highlights on their work (hope scans dont count cause I seem to be getting highlighted alot XP) To be appreciated is to be recognized for your work overall and so far the only people I see that happening to is misa and Ephie. So does that mean we kick you two out of the group :P please dont do that I dont wanna be alone.

Sharing Techniques and Skills
Tutorial format is fine, test posts get lost along the way and find it hard to get back to see them. If anyone needs any help Im sure we can perk up and give instructions and helping hints via the guestbook but the way it is now is fine.

What competitions do you want to see in 2007?
Cross group would be great, I think it gives more incentive to pop out of the hole and actually participate. I share the same view as everyone else in keeping the UA Theme going, its like our tradition and come on people you dont want my crappiness to win by default :P come join me with the Copycat theme.

As for something like prizes well that will put someone out to do them maybe if someone wins a round the best thing I can think of is like LJ Icon comps where the winner gets a banner they can use and do with as they see fit. As it is now we are all like *sigh* life is hard so anything higher than that (unless someone is actively willing to sort out something prize wise) isnt really worthwhile.

On side note I think we do need to become more active something to motivate us into actually participating and overall generally being a group again. Dont ask me what as I am as guilty as everyone else but we need to get that fighting spirit back! *smacks people around the head with lampy as a wakeup call*



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Admins of d group
Well, i dont see any inactive admins these times... But if the admins are inactive i think we should ask them first about their absence. Why? Will he/she go for a long time? To replace them, i think we should wait until about 2 months. If they are not active after 2 months, i think we should replace them. Take a vote between the admins *that still active* to pick a new admin... 8ddd

Member acceptance criteria
I dont think it was too high, like evo said, it is still perfectly acceptable

Sharing techniques and skill
Tutorial are the best for me 8d

Cross group is nice, but it will be hard for us right? some people join more than one design group.. I maybe prefer to have an unusual competition like copycat theme 8ddd

I dont really think about the prizes, what kind of prize we should give? 8d an image *as a proof*?

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