Who is your favourite Hachiyou?

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Who is your favourite hachiyou and why they like to you? ^_^ I'm talking about the male harutoki characters and not only the 1° cahracters but about harutoki 2 and 3 too!^^

Well my favourite serie is Harutoki 3!
My favourite are Hakuryu from Harutoki 3 cause is so sweet and cute I think that he is like Peter Pan! Kagetoki from Harutoki 3 cause it's so funny and he is a free mind type! Masaomi from Harutoki 3 cause it's cool and I like the fact that he is a trasgressive childhood friend (Nozomi's childhood friend). Shirogane from Harutoki 3 cause is the sweet style, so cute always and kind! Tomomori from Harutoki 3 cause is the evil side and he is so cool. Ridvan from Harutoki 3 cause it's a sensei! And he save Nozomi a lot of time during the game, I like so much the fact taht he is always calm and tactic. Tomomasa from Harutoki cause is so sexy, Yorihisa from Harutoki cause is the guardian type and I like the guardian type so much.. and he is cool too. Yoritada from Harutoki 2 for the same Yorihisa motivation and Akuram from Harutoki and Harutoki 2 cause he is evil but not at all and it's very cool.

My motivation are so strange!XD But please say your motivation too and the one that you desire more! :)

I'll do always my best.. as ma-na-ger!


my favourite in all the haruka series is YORIHISA i don't know exactly why but he is my favourite chcracter since the begining. he is so cool and always do his best until it needs emotions he has so hard time expressing himselfe and thats one of the things i like abaut him.
for exampel in the ova akane needs someone to just lisen to her and give her a hug yorihisa is abaut to do it then his hands starts to shake and he gets down on his knees insted.
and in the series when he pops out of nowhewr to protect akane even though tenma is there.
ther is also the fact that he stays calm whenever tenma is peeking afight with him.
he also hav good instincts like in ep.9+10 of the anime everyone was possitive that the oni clan was after the emperor yorihisa was the only one who doubted that and no one took it serioslly even throu he was correct.

i also like eisen becaus he is so cut and he looks like a littel girl. i really liked the fact when in ep.18 of the anime his looks make him pay for his mouth.
explaning the situation will be to complecate so i'll get to the point akane wanted to do somthin that was to dangerous for a girl to do eisen was the one mantoining that point and finished acting the girl himself.

this are my favorit characters from ALL the harutoki seriess!

  • Mar 22, 2007

I like Yasuaki.

  • Jan 19, 2008

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