Having some burning problems

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Like a lot of us, I'm sure, I get most of my anime off the net, then burn it to a DVD later on for my personal archive.

However, for a long time now there's been times when a set of files just won't burn. They're a simple assortment of AVI and sometimes Real Media files, that I attempto to burn onto a brand new, spotless disc, yet time and time again it spits out, saying to rety with a clean disc, yada yada yada

Anywbody have any solutions? suggestions?

I appreciate the help
Thank you

  • Mar 25, 2007



Seeker of Inner Peace


I don't think I've encountered this problem before, but a simple thing you can do is upgrade the firmware on your DVD writer. Visit the manufacturer's website to get the latest firmware and upgrade. Newer firmware usually allows the writer to recognize new DVDs that were made after the product was released in the market. I did have a case where I ended up with 6 coasters in a row until I upgraded the firmware and then had no problems.

Another possible issue would be to clean the lens, but I never do that because I never really had a problem with that (you can find lots of lens cleaners on the market, but I don't have any experience with them, so I can't comment on them).


I've had this problem, sometimes some files just won't write. I think the problem is file corruption related, because when this happened to me I could burn anything except a select few files.

  • Mar 30, 2007

I appreciate the input, Phoenix.
I am able to burn anything else (movies and what not) but the files I'm trying to make into a data disc aren't corrupt in any way I can find, they all play fine

  • Mar 30, 2007

The proper way to determine what is causing this is to go through the process of elimination.
Since you mentioned about AVI and Real Media file formats, I assume these are the only 2 format
types you are having problems with unless you specify there is other formats involved.

Separate the files according to their format type. Once you are finished with that
fire up your burning software and try burning it again.

If the error message comes up when your trying to burn AVI files then
this could be the problem. But if it's not then it could be the your Real Media files.

If both file formats cannot be burned successfully even if you separate them.
You will have to look what other factors might cause this.

One way is to do what Tatsumi09 has told you, update your drive's firmware.
Some DVD writers won't accept certain brand media while other even with
update firmware won't accept that type of brand media at all.

The other is to update your burning software.
The 2 most common used is made by either Nero or Roxio, both of them should have
update on their site.
Download the latest update(s) or patch(s) (according to your software version) and
see if that helps.

If that still does not help, then few easy options you can try to do is...

-Try a different type of blank media
-Try a different type of burning software (Some have trial downloads)
-Try the burning software that is built in your operating system
(assuming you are using Windows XP).

One important thing you say in detail is when does your drive spit out your blank disc
because if it spits out during the copying phase... like what TSPhoneix mentioned
it could possibly mean you have corrupted file(s).

Sometimes file(s) may play perfectly fine, but that does not necessarily mean they
can be burned successfully.


  • Apr 01, 2007

For a file to be corrupted doesn't necessarily mean the data is corrupted, it could also be the NTFS (or other FS) data that describes the file. For instacne sometimes when you copy a file you get checksum errors, similar things can happen with CD burning.

  • Apr 01, 2007

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