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As many of you can tell, Tomoyo (aka Madison), realy has a "thing" for our lilttle Cardcaptor. ;) Of corse, she's keeping it secret from Sakura. (Dumb Li... >_< ) Personaly, it doesn't always feel right... like there's some odd feeling about it. Maybe it doesn't feel like love because it's only a crush? Hard to tell just how strong it is with Tomoyo being so secritive and obvious at the same time. :\
I had a theory:
You know how Li (who I am not calling Syaoran, because I hate this one...) seemed to "like" Yukito, but it seemed it was realy just him sencing Yuki's magic or something? What if that's the case with Tomoyo? :(
I'm not sure if I think this is the case, and I hope I'm wrong. They're sooo cute together! ^_^'

One more thing, some episodes wheren't showed in the US because of these "young conections". However, I could tell from almost day one that they where at least a little more than best friends. Sakura's constant embaresment and... (lack of knowledge of the situation?) made it especialy obvious that Tomoyo was especialy atracted (and made it rather cute ^_^' ).
Cutting those episodes didn't do much in "non provoking" or whatever they want to call it...

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Syaoran (because that's his name, whether you like it or not) was attracted to Yukito because they were both people who had great amount of power, just as Sakura was attracted to Mitsuki Sensei because she also had powers derived from the moon.

Therefore your theory of Tomoyo's attraction to Sakura because of her power is completely flawed... Because it was stated again and again that Tomoyo doesn't have any magical powers. There were things that she could no see or sense that Sakura & the others could.

Therefore Tomoyo could not sense Sakura's magical powers and as such, was unable to be attracted to them.

You have also overlooked the fact that Tomoyo loved Sakura since the first moment she met her, which is before Sakura's pwoers had begun to develop. When Kero was woken from his 30 year sleep, he could only use logic to decide that Sakura had powers; the fact that she was able to release the seal on the book meant that she had magical pwoers. At that stage he could not sense the kind of power that she grew to have, and certainly not the same amount that Yukito & Mitsuki Sensei unconsciously emitted.

As for Sakura & Tomoyo's relationship and your poll, you left out the option to select Unrequited Love.

I read a rant on the internet where someone was so determinned to call Sakura & Tomoyo OTP. it annoyed me because the whole point of a pairing is that they love each other. Sakura's love for Tomoyo is that of a best friend (and cousin). Tomoyo loves Sakura romantically and accepts that she will never be Sakura's one true love... which is why she encouraged Syaoran to admit his feelings towards Sakura.

Tomoyo loved Sakura, but was happiest when the person she loved was happiest. A concept that Tomoyo shared with Sakura, and that later hurt Sakura. When Sakura admitte her feelings to Yukito and accepted that he loved someone else, she wanted to be happy for him that he had found Touya, the one person he truly loved. However, Sakura hurt deeply because she instinctively wanted to be that person he loved and to be with him. It was only by having Syaoran around who unquestioningly understood how she felt that she could move on away from those conflicting emotions.

You seem very confused between Cardcaptor Sakura and Cardcaptors. Nelvana heavilly editted out a lot of the relationships and insinuations of romanic love between couples because they believed that American children would not be able to cope with the concept of romance at such a young age. Many anime series are butchered when they are exported. Therefore many people look down on Cardcaptors because of the immature and brutal way in which the original series was editted.

You really shouldn't think too much of it as it happens far too often with cartoons that the US imports.

Cardcaptor Sakura will always be one of my favourite series. Personally I can not understand why people must react to Tomoyo's love for Sakura. It infuriates me how people must react so negatively towards all the relationships in there. It is always clear that the couplings in the series are between characters who truly love each other. Yes it was love, no it was not a corrupting love. It was innocent, and pure.

So deal with it.


Tomoyo has unrequited feelings for Sakura, just like Tomoyo's mom used to have unrequited feelings for Sakura's mom.

  • Sep 20, 2015

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