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I just finished watching Lain now can someone please explain it?

  • Apr 14, 2007

Warning, Spoilers Ahead.

Well, i saw Lain some time ago, but i what i understand is that Lain is the essencial part of the part of Masami Eiri, aka Kamisama, to turn the world into a paradise where all human beings are connected to eachother and any trace of originality or personality is totaly erased. A PERFECT SYSTEM.

But in the end Lain decide that people should have the choice to live their own life, even if their choices are wrong. Lain with God like powers give mankind a second change, restarting the story.

Great anime, its a classic that very few people really aprecciate.

I hope that my explanation convince you.



Lain is basically a computer program that is suposed to be used to make it so that everyone every where can connect to the wired at anytime without haveing to have a computer, or anything else, and thus would connect everyone to each other ultimatily! I love Lain. Excellent show! :)

  • Apr 15, 2007



Trought the Darkness


WoW thought one

This is more like an example of the sacrifices one have to make for the ones you love

in resumen

She is more like a life form that have been around since the begining of time
without a consious self until it was discover and bring to the real (human) world during experiments.

the final choice she make was to deleted from everyone in the planet the
memory of her existence to prevent that wrong use of that kwnologe and all the killing but the price she have to paid was that also have to erase the memory of the ones she love.

but after the concience of self was created or a personality was allready created
in her she just felt a lonely. she try to contact a few of d persons she love but no one rember who she was for them she was only a distance memory of a unknown person or time
you could see that the only one person after the memory purge or deletion who truly loved her and remember her was her Human Father and that was because
the bond of love that he have for her as his daughter and the feeling that something important for him was missing in the end he finds her but the history never tell how much time he spend looking for that missing part of his life the only refernce of time is that her best friend was all ready a grown up woman and that she have few been working for a few years as as a teacher

hope this help you understand better the ending of the history

One wrong move and blood will rain from the sky

  • Apr 15, 2007

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