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I accidentally used my Flash Drive with a infected computer...

I have not used it with my own computer so it's not infected.

Is the virus inside my Flash drive? How can I get it fixed?

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You can open the taskmanage by pressing DEL+Ctrl+Alt

and check if there one or more suspicious of the process...

close them and format you flash drive

If you've installed GHOST ,you'd better restore intime...

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What did you actually do with your flash drive? It's unlikely that just plugging it in and having a look will infect your machine, but it really depends on what the infected machine has on it. Have you got an anti-virus program? If so, run that over the flash drive.

If you want to be really safe, back up anything important before plugging the drive in. Don't panic, there's usually no need, just don't go running anything which you don't recognise.

  • Apr 27, 2007

well scan with antivirus the flash drive and use tool from windows that scandisk is called
(sorry for my bad english^_^')

  • Jun 18, 2007

reformat the flash drive if ya can........
that's the best way though.....
if ya wanna save the files in the flash drives ANd remove the virus..... scan it....... -_-

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Here's the solution

Also if you are still by any chance using internet explore. Do yourself a favour and migrate to firefox.

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