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Older scans will be placed in Forever Boy Love

*Inariya Fusanosuk*

At the moment, she's my 2nd favortite artist of all times right after Naono Bohra. She's famous for her historical, military stories. Most of them can be cateroized as forbidden love and very sinful. In additional, there are a lot of angst and deep plots in her mangas. Her work is very consistant, so you will never be dissatisfied! Aside from her amazing storyline, her art work is just beyond words! I like the way she draws the body a lot, you really get to see the structure, muscles and every curve of the body. Oh, and did I mention that she draws great xxx scenes?! From what I have read so far, they're pretty ROUGH! But at the same time, HOT like you don't know what hot means until you have seen them! Her kiss scene are one of my fav also, they can literally brings chills down your spine!

P.S. Her chibs are the CUESTEST of all the other chibs combine!

Fav Manga

*Maiden Rose - (licensed by DramaQueen) but it's SO worth every penny (even though it's going to take forever to be released)! The story is still on going!

*Giglio - I would say that if this becomes a full vol+ story, I'll have to put this on the top of my list of all time favs. Dante is just BAD and so damn SEXY! Again, this is ON GOING also! Just a note: 6 pg sidestory is out, next (hopefully) full length chap is coming out in AUG!

Fav Quote

I knew as soon as I saw you, those wanting eyes, they can't hide their lust for a man. They're the eyes of b*itch in heat.


* Rusalkaz & Keksimonsteri have a LOT of updates and scans of Inariya Fusanosuk's manga, djs, and novel illust!

You can get GIGLIO sidestory here in Keksimonsteri's LJ and Maiden Rose v02 chaps in Rusalkaz's LJ.
Maiden Rose english scanlation was incomplete, you can only find the first 2 chapters, but it's so WORTH it. You can get it as Yshare which is a great place to find licensed manga in raw or scanlation form.

*Bbel - Not sure if it's her offical site, but it has a good amount of her illust. If you pull down to the 2nd last section, you can see Maiden Rose illust.

Akuratsu de Yasashii Otoko - Novel Illust

The Secret Agreement

Mix Dj scans

Kotobuki Tarako

Recommended Manga

Mangaka: CHRONO Nanae (Peacemaker Kurogane)
Rating:Shounen Ai/Yaoi?
Download: IsoParadigm

Fav Scene: When Cherry (Charley) was washing Johnny's feet and what happens after that.

If you haven't read this, you're missing out on so much! Vamp x Robotic Priest Vamp Hunter? It's VERY funny and the character designs are JUST amazing! I am not sure if this is Yaoi since I haven't even seen them kiss yet.

[Next Week]

* Takanaga Hinako's novel Illust.
* Some dj covers, etc
* more to be added

Wish you can forgive your yesterdays
Wish you can love your tomorrows


Whoa, thank you for the scans, I really enjoyed watching and reading it ^^ :hugs:


kyaa thanks for scanlating , love it XD

  • May 04, 2007

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