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I once created a thread in the Bug reports forum but since the problem only occurs in my computer, I think it may be my computer's fault.

The problem is that I can't go to my control panel and I can't send pms, read notifications, manage friendlist etc.

I sometimes can and sometimes can't.

When I click on the links, it says:

Quote: Forbidden

You don't have permission to access /_my/notes/ on this server.
Apache Server at Port 80

I really really need help.

The error massage also mentioned something about Apache server...I dunno what is is and I can't remember having it in my computer...

Where did they come from?

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well idk perhaps its the ip problem that dont let you enter the thread-.-

or the thread is force closed....

or the admin banned you from the this thread lol

or even the apache server program that this forum uses is bugged....

i'm gonna ask my teacher perhaps he knows the solution of this problem

  • May 09, 2007

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